Organize that messy locker

Locker OrganizerBack in my school days, my locker was a complete disaster. Lockers just don’t lend themselves to becoming organized. There is just too much space that doesn’t get used and the pile at the bottom of the locker grows with each passing week. (At least that’s what happened with my locker.)

So what does a student do these days to organize his locker? Well, there are many options to remedy the messy locker and here a few that may do the trick:

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  1. posted by Aku on

    Do you have any alternatives for wider, but lower lockers? Mine is about half a metre in width and two thirds of a metre in height. It has a depth of around half a metre as well. The Locker Shelf looks a bit too massive, with me sometimes having to cram my backpack in there too. Also, I have nothing to hang the other alternatives on to.

    Hey, I could try duct tape, but I’ll leave that to the truly desperate.

  2. posted by erin on

    My high school sold shelves for the lockers. There were two pieces that went against opposite walls with slats for the two shelves, one at the top and one halfway down. That gave three shelves (including the bottom of the locker). You could sell them back to the school at the end of the year.

    I just assumed that all schools did this, but apparently not … ?

  3. posted by Ryan on

    We had very tiny lockers. Just big enough to fit a hand gun, a good switch blade knife, or some triple-wrapped dimebags. You know, all the important school supplies.

    I kept my locker pretty organized by not using a lot of notebooks (or dimebags). I only stored my school books and a small backpack for carrying crap home when I needed too. Eventually I picked the right classes and was able to lose the backpack as well. Oh how I still don’t miss that.

  4. posted by Adam on

    In high school we each got our own locker which was about 6 feet tall and a foot wide so we had plenty of room. Though there were people who just hoarded crap galore and had to cram their stuff in it. The worse was in middle school were we had to share a locker which so tiny you could barely get both your coats in there in the winter time.

  5. posted by Jen on

    Super-Easy DIY Locker Shelf Recipe:

    Ingredients, all available at nearly every hardware store
    -piece of closet shelving
    -heavy duty wire snips
    -tape measure
    -dowel rods (enough for 5 pieces)
    -light duty saw

    Cut the piece of closet shelving (a lot of places will do this for you…you could also go in on a large piece with friends if the store won’t trim it down) to fit the full inner width of your locker.

    Cut the dowel rods to the height you want your shelf raised from the floor of your locker. You need 5 pieces.

    Take your precisely cut shelving and wedge it into your locker so that it’s level, but a little higher than where you want it.

    Put the dowel rods in the four corners of the locker and one in the middle back.

    Push the shelf down until it makes contact with the dowel rods. Friction and weight alone should keep it in place, but if you want a really secure fit, put a dab of hot glue on each of the contact points (it will peel right off the metal at the end of the year).

    I did this from 6th grade until I was out of high school. So easy, and SO much better quality than the crap-plasticky shelves all your friends will have.

  6. posted by Marie on

    Those locker organizers were my saving grace in high school. Added bonus: when you go to college, just take your locker organizer with you and stick it in your tiny closet. Voila– a shoe rack!

  7. posted by Outdoorgrrl on

    I haven’t found any of the commercial locker shelves to be very durable. I’ve only had my law school locker for three months now and I’ve already destroyed two shelving systems. Perhaps they’re not meant to hold the weighty thoughts of law books. Jen’s suggestion of dowels supporting a custom cut shelf is next on my list when the current system fails.

  8. posted by M.E. on

    Yes, I’m posting on a year-old post to point something out.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I went to a large high school that gave us five minutes between classes: I really didn’t have the time or inclination to carefully organize my locker, or to primp in a mirror at my locker, or etc. Depending on my schedule and the locations of the classes, I might not have had time to stop there more than twice on a given day. Giving my books a shelf to stand on really wasn’t a priority. My locker easily fit what I had, on a single level, and I had to carry the majority of it with me anyway.

    (We did tend to line our lockers with Contac paper at the beginning of the year, though, because they were 1/3-height metal lockers in outdoor “hallways” in Florida — rusty inside.)

    Is this something students actually want, or just something their parents idealize for them? Obviously students need some level of organization to keep track of assignments, but that happens in notebooks and folders, not necessarily locker shelving. To me, these products almost seem like candidates for Unitasker Wednesday.

  9. posted by Anita on

    Another, even more belated comment.

    I agree with M.E. to some extent. I also only had 5 minutes between classes, just enough to drop off one set of books, pick up another, and go to my next class. Then again, often the lack of time leads to some students dumping things into the bottom of their lockers instead of keeping their stuff in order. I had quite a few friends who, at the end of the year, when they had to empty their lockers, had one big ball of paper mashed on the bottom of their lockers.

    My question is of another nature: do students really need to store that much stuff in a locker? I think I may have kept a sweater and a blank notebook in there, just in case, but that’s about it. I had homework or studying to do every night, so I always took my books home with me. Whatever supplies I used at school one day, I’d likely need to have them at home that evening. What’s to store?

  10. posted by Elaine on

    I’m pretty sure the only things I had in my locker in high school were books and weed. I was also on the various sports teams like track, cross country, and the swim and diving teams, and all of that related gear was in a separate locker in the actual girls’ “locker room.”

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