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Most garages are cluttered near the walls with just enough room to park the cars and let the passengers maneuver through a tiny path to and from the car. There just isn’t enough space to store what you need to store when you take into consideration the space the vehicles occupy. The garage is one of the most common areas for clutter. So take stock of your garage situation and be sure to remove anything that doesn’t serve a purpose in your home.

Here are some garage storage solutions for you to consider:

HyLoft 45-by-45-Inch Overhead Storage System (pictured): The unit attaches to the ceiling of your garage and adds much more storage for things that you use on a limited basis. Our first home had a very small garage that could have definitely used one of these storage systems. Of course, this storage solution shouldn’t be used to store clutter that you need to get rid of in the first place.

Hanging items on the wall is key to keeping your garage uncluttered. The Rubbermaid FastTrack System helps keep your wall in order. Installing a few of these rails with ball racks, baskets, and shelves around your garage will keep your high traffic areas clear of tools, extension cords, and step ladders.

If you have quite a few long handled tools in your garage you may want keep them all in one organized rack. The Suncast Portable Long Handle Tool Rack is equipped with wheels so it can be moved more easily if need be. Or if you just have a few long handled tools this may be right for you.

The most organized garages seem to always be equipped with peg board and a series of hooks for storage of larger tools. If you’d like to mount some peg board to your garage wall you should probably head to your local hardware store. Although, this galvanized pegboard may be more sturdy.

If you have a bike or bikes to stow away check this post out for some bike storage solutions.


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  1. posted by Zathrus on

    Unless you really want the looks of the Rubbermaid rail kit, it’s a LOT cheaper to buy a 2×4 (an 8′ is only $3), some 1/4″ x 4″ lag bolts (about 40 cents each with washers) and some hangers ($.50-$2 ea). The mounting difficulty is pretty much the same, but the cost is far, far less.

    Note that the linked product above includes *no* hangers, just the rails (see and hangers cost $7-9 each. I had looked at this system before deciding it was far too expensive for too little gain.

    As for the pegboard — I’ve never had standard pegboard rip, even while hanging a trimmer, brush cutter, or other fairly heavy tools on it (ok, I didn’t hang my maul though). And standard pegboard is $13 for a 4’x8′ sheet (4x the size of that X2 stuff for 1/4 the cost). If you want metal pegboard there are other alternatives that are still cheaper than X2.

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