Reader question: End table filing cabinets?

Reader Sarah asked us the following question:

I’m preparing to move from a large suburban home into a small urban apartment for one year, and I want to take a minimum of files with me. Ideally I’d find an attractive lidded file basket or box that could do double duty as an end table in my living room. Any suggestions?

In smaller spaces, multi-functional furniture is a great way to maximize storage. My favorite, multi-purpose filing cabinet is the Woodboro Media End Table. It stores hanging files in letter and legal sizes, it has built in storage for your laptop, hidden, built-in AC and USB outlets and serves as an end table. This is one valuable piece of furniture if you’re limited on space and do not have a traditional home office.

There are many different types of end table filing cabinets, some of which could also function as a night stand beside your bed or a guest bed. You might also want to consider one of the many styles of ottoman filing cabinets.

I hope that this helps, and good luck with the move!


This post was originally published in June 2007.

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  1. posted by Molly on

    I just did something very similar to this using Ikea end tables (Leksvik). It’s got spaces for two baskets on the top shelf and a large open space on the bottom shelf. I purchased a very attractive file box that fits on the bottom shelf of each table, and I’ve got tons of file storage that no one even notices – plus the whole thing was quite inexpensive!

  2. posted by Nate on

    Another option would be to store your paper files offsite. I currently have a scanner which i can bulk load paper into. At night, I set it to automatically scan all the papers. Every morning, I take ten minutes to organize and rename my scans that are output from the software.

    Then, once a week, I take the paper files to my storage space. This also adds a little redundancy in case of fire, data loss, etc. And with OCR software you can even make them all searchable, and a harddrive holds alot more files in alot less space.

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