Porch and patio storage

If you have an outdoor area where you spend a fair amount of time, there are sure to be items that permanently reside outside. Our back patio has a table and chairs. The chairs have cushions and we prefer to store them when not in use. The Suncast Deck Box is an easy solution that can handle quite a bit of storage. The cushions from our chairs take up quite a bit of space in our larger unit, but we still have room for our modest garden tool and barbecue utensil sets. If you don’t have seat cushions to store, you can select the smaller option.

In the event that you have more people than available seating this garden bench deck box gives you the option of extra seating plus a generous amount of storage space.

The Storage Table/Serving Cart would be a very useful addition to any patio or deck. It can serve as a prep station for your barbecue or become an outdoor wine bar (or soft drink bar — depending on the age of your dinner guests). It has wheels, lockable storage, and even a paper towel roll holder!

When you’re having a fancy outdoor party the last thing you want to be looking at are unsightly trash bins. Investing in a small storage shed will hide the bins from view as well as keep them protected from unwanted pests such as raccoons, possums, squirrels, etc.

With these convenient storage solutions, you’ll be able to enjoy your time outside with family and friends.



This post was originally published in August 2007.

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  1. posted by 4rilla on

    We have deeded underground/garage parking in our loft with some space to spare when the cars are parked. These bins are used as extra storage for our camping gear and other randomness that is only used on occasion rather than stowing it away in the loft proper.

  2. posted by sushi1869 on

    In your research for this post did you come across anything that provides more security. I live in an apt and I am looking for something like this, but that maybe locks and isn’t too easy to pick up and walk away with.

  3. posted by D. Gendreau on

    I used a smaller version of this at my last apartment to store my spare propane tank. The main problem was that wasps really loved making their nests in it as well.. :O

  4. posted by Ethel on

    I think I want something like this but for indoors, and with a cushion on top. Toy box + window seat!

  5. posted by Heather on

    Do you have recommendations for safely storing a larger amount of tools, camping gear, and bikes in a carport? I’m about to move from a house with a garage into a duplex with a carport (protected on three sides). Working on cars, gardening, and camping are big hobbies, so I have a lot of tools and equipment to store. I’m renting, so I can’t make structural changes, and I don’t have a huge budget. I think I’m looking for some kind of standalone cabinets that are, as another commenter suggested, lockable and not easy to carry away.

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