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Alex Fayle offered the following tip in the comments section on one our posts. It was such a good suggestion, we thought we would bring it to your attention:

A simple way of knowing if you actually use things is to get removable coloured dots and stick one to each of your small appliances and kitchen gadgets. As you use your things, take off the dot (hence why you want to get removable dots).

After six months look at all the things still with dots and decide if you actually want to keep them or not (some things only get used rarely but are totally worth their storage space).

You could just as easily use this approach in other areas of your home or office. Here’s a link to suitable 1/2″ removable colored dots at


This post was originally published in May 2007.

7 Comments for “Get your dot on”

  1. posted by spuggy on

    I tried this and stuck a blue dot on my wife and six months later …..


  2. posted by Metrozing on

    Go ahead a put dots (aka: path indicators) on your granny’s:
    Epergne (contraption that holds little bowls for sweets, nuts and fruits)
    Mayonaise Bowl (don’t forget the matching spoon and plate;it is usually a 3-piece set)
    Pickle Dish (my own mom has one of these; gasp)

  3. posted by Dave Fourputt on

    I use them on CD jewel cases when I burn one to the computer. This way when I am going threw my pile of CD’s I easily know which ones I have already burned.

    Nice blog! Subscribed!

  4. posted by Alex Fayle on

    I’m glad you found this useful! Thanks for the link.

    My parents have also encouraged us three kids to put dots (one colour per person) on the bottom of their furniture and other things, so that we all know who eventually wants what. My father and his brother did this and it totally simplified the division of property when the time came and they were too emotional to think clearly.

  5. posted by Dwindle on

    Seems like it would make more sense to put the dots on things you use and take note of those which never acquire dots.

  6. posted by Alex Fayle on

    You can do it that way too – but for your kitchen stuff, the dots will wash off easily, hence why the opposite suggestion.

    Also, but going through everything once (to put on the dots) some decisions to get rid of things will happen right away.

  7. posted by Haggie on

    Do this before you move. The earlier the better. When you start to pack, consider getting rid of those items that still have their dot by yard sale or donation instead of going to the effort and/or cost of moving them.

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