Multi-purpose furniture

When you live in a small home, having multi-purpose furniture is essential. Most people are familiar with sofa beds as multi-functional pieces however, many are uncomfortable as beds and not very stylish as sofas.

Vancouver company, Expand Furniture aims to change the way we look at multi-purpose items by providing high quality, stylish furniture that saves space and puts the fun back in functional.

My favourite unit is the Compatto, a three-in-one; queen-sized wall bed, revolving bookcase, and table (probably because it makes me think that this would be something that Batgirl used in the 1960s TV show Batman). This is a real space-saving versatile package. The attached dining table would comfortably fit 4-6 people and a 6-inch deep, queen-sized mattress would allow guests to have a good night’s sleep. Watch the video to see how easily this piece converts from one layout to another.

I also like the Trojan console dining table with four hidden chairs. This item would be great if you lived alone and only needed a larger dining table some of the time. It would also be useful in a small office. You could wheel it out only on those occasions when you needed a large work surface or had meetings with several people. The rest of the time, it would be out of the way leaving more room in the office. The video shows how quickly this console becomes a table.


If you have a small space but occasionally have overnight guests, for example your grandchildren, the Murphy Bunk Bed system would be ideal. It includes two mattresses and the rail ladder. It is well-built and sturdy enough for adults to sleep in yet easy enough for young people to set-up and fold away. Also, the top bunk tilts downwards so you don’t have to climb over the mattress to make the bed. When collapsed, the bunks only stick out about ten inches from the wall. The video demonstrates all the features of this Murphy bed system.

4 Comments for “Multi-purpose furniture”

  1. posted by dan on

    Way too expensive

  2. posted by Aileen on

    Ikea has a console table just like the Trojan one listed here.

  3. posted by SkiptheBS on

    Seconding Dan. Anyone who can afford this furniture can afford a bigger living space, except in Manhattan, London, or Tokyo. In those cities they couldn’t afford the furniture after paying the exorbitant rents.

  4. posted by Matt on

    SkiptheBS: this is a Vancouver company. Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada and according to the Economist, the 39th most expensive city in the world. The average price of a fully detached home in Vancouver is over $1M. So while it might not yet be at the level of Tokyo, NYC or London, Vancouverites have a strong appreciation for the value of square footage. If that $8k bed/bookshelf means being able to reclaim some space, many Vancouverites would see that as money well spent.

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