Reader Question: What’s with republishing posts?

Unclutterer fan Kristen wrote to ask,

Just curious, what’s with all the reposts? I don’t mind them, they’re helpful, but I’m curious if the site is in some kind of transition.

Thanks for asking a great question Kristen!

Unclutterer has published a substantial amount about uncluttering, organizing, and productivity over the past ten years. We felt that republishing certain previous posts, usually two or three times per week, may be helpful to our newer readers.

Additionally, many readers contact us and ask us to provide updated information on previous posts, especially those that are related to changing technologies. Sometimes products that we have discussed on previous posts are no longer available on Amazon. By republishing, we are able to modernize our facts and figures and ensure our hyperlinks are directing readers to the correct resources.

Our Unclutterer team, Jeri, David, Alex, and I (Jacki), as well as our guest authors, still continue to publish new information Mondays through Fridays with the exception of certain holidays.

Thank you for your question Kristen. We hope that this post gives you the information you’re looking for.


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2 Comments for “Reader Question: What’s with republishing posts?”

  1. posted by MJ Ray on

    It does rather suck when comments are left closed on republished posts, though. I suspect commenters could point out other innovations since the article was written sometimes.

  2. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    Our system automatically closes comments on old posts however it does not automatically re-open comments when the post is republished. I have to manually turn the comments back on. I apologize that I sometimes forget to flip the switch to re-open the comments. Please feel free to contact us if I forget to re-open the comments.

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