Bike storage solutions

When you aren’t riding your bike where do you store it? There are many storage solutions available that will keep your bike out of the way when it isn’t in use. Here are some of the the options:

Racor Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift (pictured): Easily lift your bike up and out of the way with this pulley system. The down side is that it only fits one bike so you would have to purchase more than one to accommodate your needs.

Racor Pro Double Folding Bike Rack: This fits two bikes and folds up against the wall when not in use. It also includes a shelf for bike accessory storage.

Dual Bike Storage Rack: It assembles in minutes and requires no mounting or tools and holds two bikes. The pole system adjusts to the height of your ceiling.

Free Standing Four Bike Rack: This rack fits up to four bikes and can be assembled without any tools. The bikes are not quite out of the way with this one, but it does get the bikes in one compact spot.

Monster Bike Hook Set: The cheapest and easiest way to get your bike out of the way is to install hooks into the ceiling. No need for racks or pulley systems.


This post was originally published in July 2007.

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  1. posted by Rick Stender on

    Here’s one I’m considering. It’s gravity based. It requires no tools and leans on the wall, rather than mounting, so you can move it with ease.

  2. posted by Rob Wilkerson on

    I bought this one several years ago because it worked with my modern aesthetic: http://herrington-catalog.stor...../f772.html

    I live in a city rowhome with the classic lack of storage. This is a pretty attractive way of storing bikes in plain sight.

  3. posted by Anonymous on

    Rick, I use the Michelangelo stand in my foyer and have had no problems with it, other than I had to return the first one because the legs were not even. On the whole I really like it. Ordered it from Performance Bike.

  4. posted by carismatic on

    My favorite is the cycloc:
    It looks nice indoors, and the cubby in the middle has room for your small accessories.

  5. posted by Mike Hathaway on

    I use the Ceiling mounted bike lift. Its very easy. And we store one bike on the lift and one below. I originally thought it would be a pain to use but it turns out to be much less of a hasle than lifting the bike onto a hook system.

  6. posted by sharon on

    We have 2 of the racor double bike mounts. They are great and double as a nice way to work on your bike rather than get a bike mount stand.

  7. posted by Cliff on

    Go to the hardware store. Buy two rather large, red-rubber-coated, screw-in hooks. Screw them into the ceiling at a distance from one another that is roughly equivalent (by about an inch or so) to the “wheelbase” of your bicycle (“wheelbase” is the distance from axle to axle or, equivalently, from point-where-front-wheel-touches-floor to point-where-back-wheel-touches-floor). Turn bike over, lift, hang. Total cost forty cents. Total clutter zero.

  8. posted by Andamom on

    A friend has the dual bike storage rack in his apartment. When I saw it, I immediately thought it worked well his 600 square foot apartment.

    The biggest caveat is that they need to be set up correctly — especially in households like ours with kids. My toddler would want to pull on the pole and would try to find way to climb on the bikes themselves.

  9. posted by DCJ on

    For those of you that have a mountain bike with hydraulic disc brakes, storing the bike upside down is not recommended, as any air that finds its way into the lines ends up in the caliper–not good. Choose an option that keeps the bike horizontal. Of course, if you don’t have hydraulics it won’t matter.

  10. posted by Anonymous on

    Rather than purchasing *another* device to reduce clutter, why not minimize bike storage problems in the 1st place by purchasing a *folding bicycle*? See

    I have a Dahon folding bike–works great, folds down to a small footprint. See

    Most folding bikes are for commuting and utility, but you can also pay more and get bikes built for performance.

  11. posted by Yannick Brosseau on

    I have the Racor Ceiling Lift and I’m very pleased with it. I did not have enough space in my corridor for a wall solution, so using the ceiling real estate is a real bonus. A friend of mine shooted a demo I’ve made and posted it on youtube if you want to see it in action:

  12. posted by Jon Matthias on

    I’m with Rob – the Gravity rack is so awesome, we have two (for our four bikes). I can’t think of a better way to store these bikes in a 500 sq.ft. house. It’s really stable, but you can use the included anchor bolt to fasten it to the wall for child safety. Only $45 with free shipping at Amazon.

  13. posted by Anonymous on

    Why not build you own bike hoist? There isn’t much to them:

  14. posted by rc on

    what about snowboard storage? any suggestions?

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