Incredible folding furniture!

Numerous websites have linked to the following video where designer Nils Frederking showcases his incredible, folding furniture. The design is wonderfully sleek, functional, and space-saving.



This post was originally published in June 2007.

3 Comments for “Incredible folding furniture!”

  1. posted by sharon on

    OMG! Even folded, that furniture is a work of art. Where and how much?

  2. posted by jason on

    There are lots of videos on the web that describe furniture. In practice I have never been able to get the spacial aspect quite right. Take my search on – the results show lots of furniture but not anything I can relate to my spacial problem

  3. posted by Kathryn on

    Yesterday you encouraged us to “to find joy in divestment and discourage needless acquisitions,” and today you taunt us with a set of furniture that undoubtedly costs over a thousand bucks and does exactly what a $50 card table set does.

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