Rid your shower of bottle clutter

Your shower should be a serene place where you can escape the outside world for a short time each day. You shouldn’t be distracted by a multitude of containers all over the walls and/or floor of your shower. The Better Living Dispenser Classic IV eliminates the need for the bottles that get in your way.

Let’s face it, those bottles are designed to fall over easily and scare the heck out of your loved ones in the next room. The bottles I recently knocked over are nearly empty, so they need to be perfectly balanced on their heads to get the last of the liquid out. (We are frugal and the need to use every last drop of shampoo is a must.) This dispenser eliminates the bottles, the balancing act, and the false alarm of a shower disaster. If you need more storage space, The Better Living Ulti-Mate Dispenser includes a soap tray, mirror, and hooks to store your razor.


This post was originally published in June 2007.

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  1. posted by Ryan on

    Have anything similar that’s not so ugly?

  2. posted by missdona on

    I can’t get over the cheap-motel feeling of that thing.

  3. posted by PJ Doland on

    Here’s a nicer looking one I found online that does the same thing:


  4. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    I would love to buy one of these things if I didn’t have to screw it into the wall. We are a military family and move often. It would be too much of a pain to replace shower tiles in every house we moved out of.

  5. posted by Erin on

    I found this one that looks a little more “sleek.”

  6. posted by DaveTheWave on

    Jacki Hollywood Brown

    No screws are needed…

  7. posted by Mamazilla on

    I have one of these and I love it. In regards to Jacki Hollywood, you don’t have to screw it on. It adheres with silicone and you can remove it with a razor blade. I have had mine up on the wall now for about 3 years and it hasn’t moved. It is very easy to fill and the contents last a while. I would recommend this.

  8. posted by Bacchus on

    they always remind me of cheap hotels. nothing that says luxury like bulk product.

  9. posted by Tal on

    I bought a soap pumper like this a few years ago. It lasted about 7 months before the buttons stopped pumping soap. When I opened it up, I found that water had pooled inside the unit and it was mildew city. They sound like a good idea, but in practice they’re lacking.

  10. posted by Martin on

    I’m not sure this is going to reduce clutter. You might end up having to store bottles that have some product still in them when the dispenser is full.

  11. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    Thanks for the advice everyone…I’ll head out to Canadian Tire for that tube of silicone tomorrow!

  12. posted by Jeannette on

    I had one of these for a while. It mildewed, molded, and made my soaps and shampoos smell like plastic. Everyone hated it, and when we ripped it off the wall, it damaged the shower wall too.

  13. posted by stacy on

    this product does not help you rid the clutter from your bathroom, it only stores it away in one place (or two, if the above commenter is correct and you still have half-full bottles of product after filling the dispenser). In order to declutter, one must simplify. How many different kinds of soap and shampoo does one person, one family need? Another question to ask yourself is what ingredients are in those products you put on your body? Your skin is your body’s largest organ, perhaps the most important one of them all. (I equate chemical toxins with body clutter.) What if I were to tell you that you could very effectively clean everything in your house, including yourself, with the one simple kind of soap? How much clutter would that eliminate from your bathroom?

  14. posted by Chris on


    Would you mind telling all of us what the name of this “miracle” soap is and why you believe its better than specialized products.

  15. posted by JB on

    Another option is to consider some of the solid shampoos, conditioners, and soaps from http://www.lush.com. (They also have storefronts in large cities all over the world.) I’ve been able to replace all my bottled products with solids, mostly because they last longer and travel better.

  16. posted by missdona on

    @ Chris– I know of this “miracle” soap


    I don’t know about the replacing toothpaste thing, though

  17. posted by stacy on

    I’ll admit I have not replaced all of my cleaning supplies, but I have cut down to using a solid old-fashioned lye soap made by a local soapmaker, dr bronners liquid castille soap, baking soda, and lemon juice. These products work as well if not better than most commercial products, and do not contain harmful chemicals or fragrances to which I am particularly sensitive. We do still use toothpaste, I have kids who would never agree to using baking soda for that purpose. 😉

  18. posted by Erin on

    Stacy and others,

    Lye is, by its definition, a caustic substance. It can been extremely harmful to humans if not properly used or stored. I do not suggest that our readers put lye anywhere near their showers to use as shampoo or body cleanser. Most importantly, lye should not be used as a teeth cleaner.


    Erin at Unclutterer

  19. posted by Tal on

    Erin: Just a clarification. Lye soap is soap made with lye as one of the ingredients, but (if it’s made right) does not have any lye left when you use it. Lye + fat = Soap. The lye reacts with the fat and turns it into soap. (Google saponification if you’re a geek like me.)

    With all that said, lye by itself is very dangerous. It’ll cause severe burns if it contacts your body. (Not to mention turning the fat in your -body- into soap. Which is kinda gross and more than kinda fatal.)


  20. posted by George K. on

    As Stacy and others have said, it would be better to simplify your family’s shower products and simply use the containers they come in rather than bringing this monstrosity into your shower. Shampoo, conditioner and soap/shower gel add up to 3 items. What else do you need? Tell your teenage daughter she can get 100 different products when she moves out of the house.

  21. posted by Anne on

    Can someone please tell me why a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo won’t do?

  22. posted by Chris on


    My skin is too sensitive for bar soap. It dries it out and I am itchy all day. Body wash on the other hand does not do this. Likewise, no conditioner makes it impossible to do anything other than put on a hat. Needless to say, my shower has all 3 of those things in it, but that is all.

  23. posted by hp on

    We just eliminated all other products from our bathroom and use only products from Lush.
    Yes, they are more expensive than buying just something from Walmart but I think, the products are worth their money.
    Nothing better than start the day with the smell of some nice soap…

  24. posted by xf on

    Already have one of these in my shower (was there when I moved in). Don’t use it – reminds me of a condom dispenser.

  25. posted by Ailene on

    I like the idea of it… but haven’t found a convenient way to install one yet. We live in an apartment so we can’t use the screw-in option for those that have them. Many of them come with sticker strips. The one we originally purchased had sticker strips and the unit fell off the shower wall because the unit was too heavy for the sticker strips to hold it up. Not to mention, but when we moved from our apartment into a new one, the glue from the strips was impossible to get off, and there was nasty residue.

    I’d reccommend it to people who have a home where they can screw it in and won’t want to move it for 25 years.

  26. posted by Kathy on

    What I like to do is try and find products that I like that come in cool colors so that even though they are taking up space they make the space look nicer. Pretty and practical. The Bath and Body works shower gels work great because they come in so many colors and scents. If you can’t minimize, beautify. As I like to say.

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