Three organizing products in development

From time to time we see organizing products in development on crowd-funding sites. Here are three interesting ones we’d like to share with our readers.

Gather desk organizer

Designed by Ugmonk, Gather is a sleek, elegant organizer constructed from solid wood and polished thermoplastic. It can be configured in many different ways so that it adapts to wherever it is being used (desk, countertop, dresser, etc.) and to whomever is using it. Because Gather is so versatile, you can make sure that all of the tools you need are always at your fingertips.

Grow modular furniture system

Designed in Paris and manufactured in Germany, the Grow modular furniture system allows you to easily create and re-create functional and stylish living and work areas. Grow is made from high-performance plastic foam, is 100% recyclable and is even approved for food use. The best part is that each piece weighs only 300g (10oz)! This would be ideal for mobile work spaces, trade show booths, student apartments, etc. Check out the video to see how Grow works.

SlotPack auto organizer

SlotPack is a car organizer for the passenger seat. Designed by Jens-Christian Lang in Germany, this product solves many of the problems drivers encounter: inability to find items and items rolling out of reach or falling down onto the floor. It has many practical and functional compartments allowing drivers to easily access items without diverting attention from driving. SlotPack is designed to buckle into the existing seatbelt so there are no extra straps and buckles to worry about —meaning it is easy to install and remove.

Although the video shows the SlotPack being used in a passenger seat by a driver, I believe it would be great in the back seat on long family trips so children would be able to access their snacks, drinks, and toys.

3 Comments for “Three organizing products in development”

  1. posted by Kenneth in Virginia on

    No offense to the designers but desk organizers are clutter in and of themselves. Same with a car organizer. New cars already have so many places to stash things.

    I recall my son commenting many years ago about the car we had then, which was about a 1985 model. He said you could tell how old it was by how few cup holders it had.

  2. posted by Julie Bestry on

    Kenneth may be right but many of us don’t drive new cars — and I have no cup holders! Mine is 19 years old, and there’s literally no place to store anything except in an awkward and narrow center console. I don’t know that SlotPack would be an ideal solution, but those of us with older cars definitely benefit from the opportunity to have after-market storage options. It would be nice to not have my tissue box fly from the passenger seat to the floorboard when the car in front of me stops too suddenly, or to keep small items in the back seat settled without having to use floor space.

  3. posted by SkiptheBS on

    I would love a passenger side cup holder sized for the big Nalgene bottle and/or a quart Mason jar.

    I drive a convertible and anything else gets stashed under the seat to deter purse snatchers at stop lights.

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