Collapsible colanders save kitchen space

The colander is a utensil that finds its way into most kitchens. Unfortunately, many people sacrifice a great deal of cupboard space storing colanders. With diameters around 11″ and heights of more than 5″, the typical colander has a large footprint.

Regain some of that space by switching to a collapsible silicone colander. This colander, (similar to the one that I own), has a handle and is less than an inch flat when collapsed. There also is one on the market that doesn’t have a long handle and looks more like a traditional colander. It also is less than an inch flat when collapsed. This colander can also be used as a vegetable steamer!

If you like to have both hands free to pour from a heavy pot or to wash and peel vegetables, check out the colander with handles that stretch over the sink.

You can find all three types of colanders available in a package deal from Squish.

Let a collapsible colander bring more space and less clutter to your kitchen.


This post was originally published in June 2007.

5 Comments for “Collapsible colanders save kitchen space”

  1. posted by Jennifer on

    I just stack my collanders with my plastic mixing bowls – no extra footprint at all.

  2. posted by Ed Eubanks Jr. on

    I hang mine on a spare hook from the pot rack; it’s easier to have quicker access (which I always seem to want/need when I need a collander, anyway).

    The collapsable ones look nice, but I find it hard to justify the cost.

  3. posted by Geoffrey on

    Okay, I just want a colander that works. The holes in mine always get clogged with bits of pasta. Thoughts?

  4. posted by E.T.Cook on

    I found this one for around $6 shipped online. Can’t remember where.

  5. posted by karry on


    Try a coffee filter in your colander before putting your pasta through. It will still take a while to drain all water out, but pasta won’t get stuck in the holes. 🙂

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