Organized gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so we’ve compiled a list of items that can help female parent figures of all types stay organized.

For moms at home

Stackable trays that form a jewelry box. There are 27 different compartments that organize earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches. Mom can stack the trays in the order that she chooses and easily reorder the trays at her convenience.

A stylish yet functional cosmetics organizer with four drawers and 20 sections will help mom keep all her make-up in one place. She’ll save time getting ready for her day.

Velvet-covered hangers will save space in mom’s closet and can hold a heavy winter coat. They have notched shoulders so silky, satiny, items will not slip off.

For moms who travel

A compact travel jewelry case made from super soft felt is perfect for mom to transport her jewellery whether she’s going on an overnight outing or to business conference. It has a place for everything. It even snaps necklaces in place so they won’t get tangled.

When traveling one never knows how much space there will be in the bathroom. This cosmetics bag, with dividers and compartments, can either rest on the vanity or hang on the back of the bathroom door. It would be ideal for both vacationing or hanging in mom’s locker at the office or gym.

Moms that travel need to keep their cords and cables organized. This sturdy pouch with 10 separate compartments keeps all mom’s tech gear tangle-free. The transparent panels with labels allow mom to quickly and easily find what she needs. The compartment dividers are adjustable so cables and chargers of all sizes will fit.

For moms who keep fit

Does mom spend too much time looking through messy cupboards for a water bottle? She might appreciate a stackable water bottle storage rack. She can place the rack in a cupboard or right on the counter to keep her sports bottles ready to go.

To help mom keep her fitness area tidy, install a simple over-the-door coatrack to hang her jump rope and resistance tubing.

Moms who enjoy protein shakes might appreciate the ProStack Blender Bottle. The little containers that snap on the bottom of the shaker bottle will allow mom to make her protein shake immediately after her workout without carrying around little plastic baggies of protein powder. This product might also be useful for making up baby formula when mom is on the go.

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