Unitasker Wednesday: Why buy a unitasker?

Most Wednesdays, we poke fun at unitaskers, products that serve only one purpose. However, there are several reasons that these products could be useful. It all depends on your lifestyle. Are you wondering whether or not to spend money on a unitasker? Here are some reasons to help you justify your purchase.


fire extinguisherThere are several unitaskers that we may never use but they make our lives safer such as fire extinguishers and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. An emergency escape ladder would be very useful unitasker unless you lived on the ground floor, then it would be a waste of money.

I felt it was safer for my children to cut their fruit using an fruit slicer rather than a sharp knife. We also had toast tongs so they wouldn’t burn themselves when getting their toast from the toaster oven. Using glass cutter to cut broken glass into smaller pieces for disposal is safer than using a hammer to shatter the glass and having shards all over that your pets could step on.

If the unitaskers only job is to keep you safe, then it is probably worth purchasing.


If the unitasker will save me significant effort, I will consider buying it. For example, with my small hands, I have difficulty opening wine bottles with a normal corkscrew. An electric wine bottle opener would save me (and anyone with arthritis), a lot of work.

We have several banana savers which I believe should be renamed to, “Saver of effort of cleaning mashed banana from the insides of backpacks and lunchboxes.”

Last year, we poked fun at the Staybowlizer. However, a family friend who had a stroke and lost the use of one hand, would have found the Staybowlizer a very useful unitasker.


grape tomato slicerIf the unitasker saves me time, I’m all for it. If I have to grate cheese, I could use my multi-tasker food processor which requires assembly, disassembly, and hand washing of 6 different parts or I could use my unitasker cheese grater that I can put in the dishwasher. (This also counts for saving me effort.)

I wish I had known about the grape and cherry tomato slicer when my children were toddlers. They loved grapes and I seem to remember spending hours cutting them in half because whole grapes are a choking hazard. (This also counts as a safety reason.)


When I was young, our family spend the weekends and holidays at our cottage. Friday after work mother would put most of the food in our fridge into a cooler to transport to the cottage. Often, some of the eggs in the cardboard container would break even if my mother wrapped the container in a towel. The egg dispenser would have saved us running to the “tourist” grocery store and spending three times the normal amount to replace our broken eggs.

When you consider it, unitaskers that save you time, effort, and keep you safe, also save you money in the long run.

So, by all means, go ahead and purchase unitaskers that you can justify, but we’re going keep poking fun at them. Please feel welcome to agree/disagree with us in the comment section! 😀

6 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Why buy a unitasker?”

  1. posted by Dorothy on

    Yes, if you enjoy the unitadker or find it useful, knock yourself out.

    Just know there’s an easy way to transport eggs: break them into a jar or other tightly-lidded vessel and keep them cold.

    When you want to use them, pour carefully. Each yolk with its attendant white will pour out separately.

  2. posted by infmom on

    Two words: TOASTER TONGS.

    Quit sneering and try them. 🙂

  3. posted by NoAlias on

    Slicing cherry tomatoes and/or grapes – put the items on an old cool-whip container lid, single layer. Top with another old cool-whip container lid. Press down gently to stabilize and slice between the lids (horizontally, parallel to the counter top) with a serrated knife. Presto! Sliced tomatoes!

  4. posted by Marion on

    Sorry, but i dont see what is so difficult about slicing a grape or cherry tomato in half. Hold the grape with one hand, hold the knife in the other hand, and carefully slice. Ok, some people will find it difficult, I suppose.

  5. posted by Pat on

    I always enjoy the unitasker posts. Most of the time someone will protest that he or she uses the item all the time and loves it! For any given unitasker there is someone for whom it represents a significant saving in time, effort, worry, etc. I find that reading the posts makes me think, before buying an object, whether I will use it, whether it will give a good return for the space it will take up, and whether I already have something to do the job.

  6. posted by Susan on

    I donated my 7-cup Cuisinart and bought an immersion blender. I can chop nuts and hard veggies like broccoli, turnips, and carrots, and make hummus, salsa, salad dressing, and dips. It comes with a work bowl that is the perfect size for just me, and since I’m no longer having dinner parties serving more than 5-6 people, I no longer need the giant food processor artillery that was such a pain in the butt to haul out, clean, and put back. It also came with a whisk attachment, although I don’t bake much that requires a whisk. I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up my large beehive blender, but time will tell if the immersion blender stands in for blending things. I made a curry sauce using the immersion blender with just garbanzo beans and water, to make a creamy fat-free animal-free dairy-free and soy-free sauce.

    I keep a fire extinguisher on both floors of my house, as well as one in the kitchen next to a box of baking soda. Years ago I found one of those white ceramic baking soda containers, you just drop the box of baking soda into the container, and it’s got a ceramic lid. Looks less ratty than having an orange box of baking soda sitting out, and supposedly gas fires on stoves can spread with a fire extinguisher.

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