Three little helpers

Here are three little tools that help me do what I need to do, better and faster.

Card holder for smartphones

iphone_card_holderWhenever I go for a walk, I always take my iPhone to listen to music or a podcast, an ID card (in case of emergency) and occasionally my bank card because I’ll stop at the store on my way home. Women’s fitness clothing very rarely has pockets and I do not want to carry a purse with me, so I end up carrying my phone in one hand and tucking my ID and bank card in my sock or other article of clothing. More than once I’ve almost lost my cards because they have fallen out of my makeshift pocket.

The Adhesive Credit Card Holder allows me to carry my cards safely stuck to my phone. I’ve tried everything to “accidentally” remove the cards from this holder. I shook the phone upside down and wiggled and jiggled the pocket but the cards remained stuck until I opened the pocket and removed the cards.

I’ve started keeping my ID card and my bank card in my phone all the time. Because I use the GroceryGadget app to manage my shopping lists, I only need my phone with the card holder to do my shopping. I no longer need to carry a bulky purse around the store! Also, I save time getting ready for a fitness session because I can just simply grab my phone and go.

China markers

When I worked in a food chemistry lab, we used china markers (also known as grease pencils) all the time. We used them to label beakers and flasks in experiments. We used them to write on plastic, glass, and cardboard food containers we stored in the fridges and freezers.

At home I use china markers for writing names on cups at children’s parties (or wine glasses at adult parties) as well as dates and descriptions on containers of food in the fridge and freezer.

China markers are convenient. They do not “dry out” like regular markers nor do they need to be sharpened like pencils. The markings are water resistant and do not fade over time but they are removed easily from non-porous surfaces by wiping with a dry paper towel.

Hoof pick

If anyone asks me if I grew up in a barn, the answer is yes. I spent many years working with horses – and I still do. In the stables, an essential tool that keeps horses’ hooves free from stones, mud and other debris is a hoof pick.

A hoof pick is also useful around our house too. We have one just outside our front door. When our rugby player comes home, she uses the hoof pick to remove the caked-on mud and turf from her cleats. The stiff brush removes any bits of dirt still remaining. Hoof picks can clean up children’s muddy rain boots and dig out ice and snow from winter boots too. It also means there is much less dirt in the house for me to clean!

6 Comments for “Three little helpers”

  1. posted by T.R. on

    Dry erase crayons can also work to label kitchen containers and whatnot. Washes off easily in the dishwasher.

  2. posted by Dorothy Young on

    I, too am a China marker fan. But test the marker on plastics. I have Tupperware that has permanent China marker stains.

  3. posted by twiggy on

    Yes, I also have taken a grease pencil home from the lab and use it for many household uses. And it last forever, I took one pencil many years ago, and I am still using it.
    One note, I have been told it is note safe to keep your credit card with your phone. Maybe because I live in an urban area. If your phone AND credit card were to fall into the wrong hands, the damage a criminal could do is tremendous.

  4. posted by NoAlias on

    My iPhone case is from Incipio and it has a back door to a storage space that has room for 3 credit/ID cards (I usually have 1 ID, 1 debit card and a few dollars folded up). The box came with a clear plastic cling to protect the back of the phone from anything in the storage space. The storage door can be used as an easel stand too. The case is no thicker than an OtterBox. And best of all, it was on the marked-down shelf at Walmart!

  5. posted by Amy on

    I have wondered this for a while – does the phone affect the magnetic strip on a credit card? My phone demagnetizes hotel cards immediately. How does this case prevent that for a credit card stored in back?

  6. posted by NoAlias on

    Amy – at least so far, I haven’t had any problem. I use chip readers most of the time (grocery store), but I’ve used my debit card in the swipe reader (gas station pumps) and it works. My debit card is only stored in the phone case when I don’t want to be bogged down with a pocketbook, and maybe the magnetic strip is stronger than what’s used on hotel key cards?

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