Happy birthday to us! Unclutterer turns ten!

On January 6, 2007, we published our first blog post with our manifesto of simple living. We’re thrilled that over the past ten years we’ve been able to provide tips, tricks, and inspiration to help people unclutter and stay organized and productive.

Here are some highlights from our first decade:

We would like to thank all of the regular and guest writers that have contributed to Unclutterer but most of all, we’d like to thank YOU, our readers, for your continued comments, ideas, and support and encouragement.

Here’s to another ten years of simple living!

6 Comments for “Happy birthday to us! Unclutterer turns ten!”

  1. posted by Eileen on

    Congratulations. I check your site often and find great tips. I look forward to at least 10 more years of your postings.

  2. posted by skiptheBS on

    I’m happy and grateful for all y’all! May you have many more years of prosperous and successful blogging. Our abundance increases with the number of things we can live without (excluding Mason jars, full and empty).

  3. posted by Drcassie8 on

    You are wondrous, thank you and Happy New Year indeed! I live for the tips and Unitasker funnies, especially since my Dad bought so many back when they came to us door-to-door. Our Family Favorite? The incredibly complicated and messy and superfilous(sp) pancake dispenser ;’). These things provided great props for the occasional spates of Dad mocking!

  4. posted by momof3 on

    congrats!! love what you do!!
    coming from a pack rat heritage, it’s hard to fight it, but teaching my kids, now out of the house, how to save some, toss some, and donate ALOT!!!

  5. posted by Margaret on

    Happy 10th birthday to you! Congratulations. Your posts serve as a reminder to keep up with the uncluttering.

  6. posted by MJ Ray on

    Are all 4200 posts still online? Shouldn’t you unclutter them? 😉

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