Unitasker Wednesday: Pancake Bot

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

We’ve written about pancake unitaskers previously. The Snap Jack Pancake Cutter can easily be replaced by a knife you already own and the Perfect Pancake Pan was described as, “the poster child for all unitaskers.”

Well, move over Perfect Pancake Pan and make room for PancakeBot – the world’s first 3D pancake printer. It automatically dispenses pancake batter directly onto a griddle in any shape designed by the cook.

But wait – don’t open that bottle of maple syrup yet! First you need to install the (included) software on your computer and learn how to use it before you can design your own pancakes. Once your composition is complete, you need to upload it into the PancakeBot, prepare the pancake batter and fill the dispenser. Only then will the machine deliver the batter onto the non-stick griddle in the shape you designed.

I suspect, by watching the video, that only certain types of pancake batters can be used in this machine. For example, vegan oatmeal pancake batter would be too thick to dispense. I’m not sure that I could successfully flip the Eiffel Tower pancake and have it stay in one piece but maybe there are some people who can coordinate two spatulas at a time.

The PancakeBot promotes itself by “helping kids and adults explore technology through food” but there are better ways to learn food science for much less than PancakeBot’s $300 price tag.

3 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Pancake Bot”

  1. posted by NanaK on

    Long-time reader and this is the very dumbest waste of time, effort and money that you’ve ever shared. Congrats!

  2. posted by Jessie on

    This is crazy! 🙂 For $300 you can buy a whole kitchen full of pancake mix. It would be fun to order these pancakes in a restaurant, but how long would a family breakfast take if you made each one like this? The design is really cute, but people on YouTube can pour pancake batter from a pitcher and create detailed portraits of celebrities. There must be a book or cooking class for people who want to make fancy pancakes.

  3. posted by Angie on

    I bet every kitchen will have similar machines in the very close future. It is not a unitasker it is a prototype for the new way of cooking. Completely out of context here.

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