Organizing resolution jump-start

We know that many people have chosen “getting organized” as a New Year’s resolution – and some of those people want to get started now! Here is a short-list of Unclutterer posts that can help you get a jump-start.

Setting Organizing Goals


How to Start


Keeping Motivated

Happy New Year from the Unclutterer Team and all the best to you in your organizing efforts.

3 Comments for “Organizing resolution jump-start”

  1. posted by Michele on

    What happened to Erin? Is she still part of this site?

    I haven’t seen anything by or about her in a long, long time. Did I miss something?

  2. posted by Dennis on

    Erin is the editor-at-large of this site. Go to for a list of all the principals on the UnClutterer team.

  3. posted by Michele on

    Thanks. I saw she was still listed, but I haven’t seen any posts by her — even the Wednesday funny ones — in a long, long time.

    Wondered if she is writing a new book or …?

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