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The process of getting organized often requires buying a set of shelves. Like many other people wanting to get organized, I would go to a department store and buy a heavy, flat-pack shelving unit, haul it into my house, and unpack it. Then, I would have to wait for my husband or children to come home because it always required at least two people to assemble the unit with pegs, screws, and nails — if all of the parts were included in the package.

These MDF/pressboard shelves often warped with the weight of books or other heavy items. We’re a military family and move house about every three years and often these shelving units broke or fell apart during a move. We sometimes disassembled and re-assembled them, but it was time consuming and the re-assembled units were never as sturdy as they were before they were taken apart. We ended up replacing many of them over the years — expensive for us and not good for the environment!

Now, I have finally found a solution to my shelving problems and hopefully to yours as well — Origami Rack.

Just like the traditional art of paper folding, Origami Racks assemble/disassemble by folding and unfolding. There are no tools required! Watch the video to see the 4-tier Garage Shelf set up in ten seconds. It is made from steel and can hold 250 pounds (110kg) per shelf!


Origami Rack has other products that are great for inside your home. The Easy Organizer 12-Cube holds 5.5 pounds (2.5kg) per shelf and would be ideal for storing shoes, sweaters, toys, linens, and more. It simply pops open fully assembled.

The Origami Computer Desk would be ideal for people who travel for work perhaps setting up at trade shows, or for students who live in small apartments and dorm rooms.

The Deco Tiered Display Rack can be used in a bedroom or living area as a stylish organizing solution or in the office as a classy printer stand.

The other thing I really like about Origami Racks is most of the products can be fitted with wheels. You only need one person to assemble and disassemble and move these items.

If you have a mobile component to your lifestyle, and you have a desire to be organized and productive, make it easy on yourself and consider Origami Rack.

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  1. posted by L. Brown on

    I own several Origami racks (3 tiered). I bought them through Costco and, unfortunately, could never find them again. I then bought other shelving that needed to be put together. These shelves are good, but the Origami shelves were erected in 10 seconds by one person. The second purchase of shelves took all afternoon and had to be carried down to the basement in several trips because they were so heavy. Origami shelves are the best! So glad you featured them.

  2. posted by Renee on

    Own four Origami shelves. Garage & basement shelves with wheels, shoe shelves and another in closet. Love them so much & will only buy them now. Nothing else even comes close to the quality, function and ease they have. Glad to see others are dicovering them as they have really changed the way I organize. Mine all came from HSN due to the free shipping but the Container Store has them too.

  3. posted by laura ann on

    Will call next week and ask if they are sold in Lowes or Home depot type stores. If not, why not? Hate putting things together. We put an office chair (swivel) together last month. Seems they’d sell fast in retail stores.

  4. posted by Julie Bestry on

    This was a timely post, because I just bought the six-tier Origami Rack bookshelf a few weeks ago. It was delivered much more quickly than I anticipated (3 days vs. the anticipated 6) and though it took 5 minutes to maneuver the tall box up my stairs and around a corner, and a few more minutes to free it from the box, it was fully expanded and in place in under a minute. Some versions are available on Amazon and at Container Store, but I bought directly from OrigamiRack.

    My six-tier bookcase is now housing a plethora of my re-homed books, and I’m delighted to have a tall book case. The only thing to know is that it’s fairly impossible to get someone on the phone; you have to communicate with them by email. But get on their mailing list and you’ll know when they have sales. I bought mine on Cyber Monday at 30% off plus free shipping.

  5. posted by Patricia on

    HSN has a nice selection, Mine were on easy pay.

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