Three small, useful tools

These three small, useful tools help me save time and be more productive.

Universal socket

20161209_universal_socketAfter living in Canada, England and now the United States, we have items that have been built with both SAE and metric-sized nuts and bolts. It is time-consuming, not to mention frustrating, going back and forth to the toolbox trying to figure out if the bolt is 12mm, 13mm or ½ inch-sized. The universal socket saves me time. I only have to grab this one socket for multiple jobs. It also works on nuts and bolts whose corners have been slightly ground-down causing ordinary wrenches to slip. It is also useful in fastening and detaching odd-shaped things like hooks and eyes. It won’t take the place of a heavy-duty socket set that a car mechanic might need but it is amazingly useful for all those jobs around the house.

Damaged screw remover set

20161209_screw_remover_setWe’ve lived in rental housing most of our lives. To do small repairs, sometimes we need to remove screws that are rusty, damaged or covered with layers and layers of paint. The damaged screw remover set has been very useful. These bits fit easily into a multi-head screwdriver or power drill and remove all types of screws including slot, Philips, Robertson, hex and Torx. This little kit has saved us from a lot of heartache (and smashed fingers) and made repair jobs much easier.

Glass cutter

I originally purchased a glass cutter for a weekend craft course on stained glass windows. Since then, I’ve used the glass cutter several times and I’m really glad we have it. Almost every time we move, the glass in a picture frame or a mirror gets broken.20161209_glass_cutter
With the glass cutter (and leather gloves and safety glasses) I have been able to cut the glass down to smaller sizes so I can wrap it in cardboard (usually a cereal box) and safely dispose of it.

Do you have small tools like these that you just can’t live without? Please share your stories with our readers in the comments.

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  1. posted by Hanah on

    This shard of broken glass is too large for the bag I’m bagging it up in. Gee, I wish there was some way I could make a piece of glass smaller. If only this wasn’t unbreakable glass. Oh wait…

  2. posted by mxytsplyk on

    I’ve used that socket. I didn’t find a problem with grip so much as it’s inability to be used in close quarters. More often than not I had insufficient open space around the fastener to center the socket overtop the fastener’s head. And using it off-center in these situations can cause it to lose it’s grip. When that happens the results can be fairly dramatic.

  3. posted by SkiptheBS on

    That piece of rubber will not remove a stripped out screw that has been countersunk. Ace screw removers wilt and die on this century-old screw.

    The reason for “universal” tools is so that we can have a very basic set in a small box that will do the majority of household tasks with no trouble. Only after the multitools fail do we dump out and scrounge out the big specialty stuff. The 80/20 rule works in msny household repairs. Second rule: if Old Lady Me has trouble with it, so will the man I ask to help me.

    Most of my problems are solved with a Leatherman Squirt, a double-headed screwdriver, a Vise-Grip wrench, and/or an upholstery tack puller. The power tool chest and the tool bucket are essential but not used nearly as much.

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