Unclutterer’s 2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Tech for the person who has everything

2016 gift giving guideCome holiday time, there are three types of people to shop for: there are the people who are easy to buy for, the ones who are difficult to buy for, and finally, those individuals who seem to have everything they want or need. Their tastes are clearly defined, so you can think of a thousand and one things they’d love to have, but it seems like they already have them.

Fear not! In this article, I’ll list cool tech gadgets for the person who (seemingly) has everything.

Let’s start with the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard. This handy device folds up for tidy storage and easy travel when not in use. It is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Windows tablets. Plus it’s very easy to use, simply unfold it to turn it on and close it up again to turn it off. Once the Bluetooth connection is established you’re good to go.


When you’ve finished a long day at work, relax with these outdoor holiday lights with built-in Bluetooth speakers from Bright 11222016_speakerlightsTunes. It sounds kind of silly, but hear me out. Often times people will use what I used to call “Christmas lights” for all sorts of decorating. They look great on a porch, for example. This set includes small Bluetooth speakers that are compatible with nearly all smartphones and tablets. Just set them up, make the Bluetooth connection, and choose your favorite playlist.

About a year ago, I bought The Roku Smart TV for myself and I just love it. Not only is it one of the least expensive Smart TVs you can buy, it got rave reviews from CNET, and I can see why. It is easy to set up, has great picture quality, and this TV is a serious unclutterer. Since it has so many services built in (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime and many more), I was able to toss my Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. No more set-top boxes sitting around, no more pile of remotes. It’s a fantastic device.

Finally, let’s switch from the home to the car for the Automatic Pro. It’s an adapter that plugs into a port under the dashboard on most cars sold in America. It then uses 3G connectivity (at no additional charge) to share information with its smartphone app. It helps you diagnose engine trouble, keep track of where you’ve parked, alert emergency services if you’re in an accident, and more.

Additionally, it lets you keep track of your car’s whereabouts. Kids driving on a long road trip and you want to be sure they’re safe? Or, car stolen? Now you know exactly where the car is. Alert the police and make a recovery.

There you have some cool gifts for those people on your list who seem to have everything. Happy shopping and enjoy your holiday.

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