Unclutterer’s 2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Organizing gifts for kids

2016 gift giving guideThe holiday shopping season is upon us. I’m sure that, like me, many of you have kids on your list. It’s always fun to buy gifts for kids, young and old. Of course, I’m doing so with an organizational flair. In this article, I’ll describe gifts that will keep kids organized and keep their interest at the same time.

Gifts for the Gamer

Many kids (and adults, including yours truly) enjoy playing games, both digital and tabletop. It’s a great hobby with a huge potential for clutter. Keeping things neat and easy to find makes the gaming experience much better. Here are a few great gifts that will do the trick.

You can’t go wrong with a game controller charging station. These convenient accessories store controllers in a tidy, accessible fashion while charging their batteries at the same time. You’ll find models for the Xbox One and others for the Wii, Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation. Any gamer would want these!


The Cablebox from Bluelounge isn’t the flashiest gift but it’s such a pleasure to have. It houses almost any size power strip with plenty of room for cords. There’s easy access from either side, so place it where ever you like.

Board games come in big boxes with lots of components that must be stored in a tidy manner, or else setup will take a lot longer than it should. For tabletop gamers, I recommend the game-specific, in-box organizers from The Broken Token. These folks make the most beautiful, durable inserts for large, popular games like Dead of Winter, Lords of Waterdeep, Carcassonne and so many more. I can’t say enough good things about these inserts.

Gifts for the Student

20161114_reconbackpackA good backpack will serve your high school or college student well, and the North Face Recon is a good backpack. It’s durable and water resistant, which is good for dashing between classes on a rainy day. The Recon features several fleece-lined pockets that are friendly towards gadgets and electronics, and a vented back so you won’t arrive to school with a sweaty shirt.

For the college student, a box of “basics” is a great way to go. Grab items like bath towels, bed sheets, some dishes and silverware…all of the stuff that doesn’t necessarily receive the TLC it deserves while in the dorm.

Gifts for the Reader

Readers love to share books, but fear the possibility that they will not be returned. That’s where the Knock Knock Personal Library Kit comes in. This tidy kit lets kids act as their own librarians, affixing “return date” cards to their books via personalized front-cover pockets. It’s fun, convenient and helps guarantee that beloved books will be returned.

Gifts for the Youngster

20161114_woodblocksetI have yet to meet a kid who dreams of receiving a storage solution as a gift, so don’t wrap up Rubbermaid bins for them. Instead, look for appealing toys that come with reusable storage, like this great set of wooden building blocks.

Those with many kids will love a set of Mabel’s Labels. These super-cute labels clearly display your child’s name and come in many sizes, colors and themes (dinosaur, nature, etc.), and they stick to just about anything. Pop them on camping gear, baseball hats, sports equipment and more.


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