Introducing the 2016 Unclutterer Holiday Gift Giving Guide

2016 gift giving guideOver the next two weeks we will be running posts for our annual Holiday Gift Giving Guide. This is our TENTH Guide and we’re thrilled!

This year you can expect there to be suggestions on gifts that withstand the test of time, fun gifts to help children stay organized, and gifts of useful technology tools. We’ll also be sharing one of our favourite posts – fun and clutter free experience gifts.

We hope that our gift ideas will be a helpful guide for you during this busy holiday season.

For more inspiration, feel free to browse through our previous Holiday Gift Giving Guides: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

4 Comments for “Introducing the 2016 Unclutterer Holiday Gift Giving Guide”

  1. posted by laura ann on

    Older people esp. like food baskets or gift cards for favorite grocery stores or places like Cracker Barrel, women like favorite body lotions, hand cream, places like Cracker Barrel gift store are great food choices and skin care gifts. Home made foods also. Older people don’t need more”stuff” that can’t be used up. Men for example like things from Hickory Farms. children and young adults either gift cards, cash or favorite gadgets.

  2. posted by AinOakPark on

    I can see the grocery card idea, but things from Cracker Barrel and Hickory Farms might have too much salt and/or fat for most seniors, so think twice about that and make sure it meets their dietary needs.

    Tickets to somewhere fun are always good, depending upon your area. Movie tickets can be a good idea because they choose the movie, date, etc.

  3. posted by laura ann on

    Reply: The gifts I buy at C. Barrel are skin care, candles. Unless the person wanted a certain type candy they sell. I wouldn’t eat H. farms myself, but if someone ask for it, or any other high salt high fat, then it’s a sign they want to eat that type stuff anyway. I know several people lived to around 100 and ate stuff I wouldn’t eat, incl cokes, fast foods and trans fat foods. I don’t do much gifting anymore, this year will make up food baskets with Olive Oil, fruit preserves and chocolates . The group homes will get children’s socks, food items, etc.

  4. posted by janie on

    I don’t think you can really lump “older people” together. If I got a grocery store or cracker barrel gift card, I think I would feel vaguely offended, as if I viewed as stereotypically old. I would rather have a gift card to a movie theater or a nice restaurant or Amazon gift card. Or better yet, a gift given to a favorite charity in my name.

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