Organizing gardening tools

I spent the past weekend doing some serious weeding, planting, replanting, and general work in the yard. It looks great and that’s in part due to the tools I’ve organized for outdoors. It’s nothing fancy, but I thought I’d share with you the solutions I created. The following are what you can do in just a few minutes to make your gardening and yard care more efficient and organized.

The most important tool I have for use and organizing outdoors is the five-gallon bucket. My love affair with this incredible tool is well-documented. You can buy one for very little money at your local big-box home improvement store.

I improve the usefulness of my buckets with a TEHO Garden Organizer Caddy, which can be had for about 12 dollars. It fits snugly on a five-gallon bucket, so it’s not flopping around. The Garden Organizer also adds a little padding to the handle, which is nice, as well as pockets galore.

Speaking of pockets, I fill them with the tools I use most often:

  1. Shears
  2. Small handheld pruners
  3. Gloves
  4. A hat
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Spade
  7. Small weeding rake

I love that I can store my tools and tote them around with the same product. It’s quite convenient.

Some reviewers on Amazon have complained of the Garden Organizer not lining up with the handle on their buckets. That’s not been my experience, and I’ve used it on buckets I purchased at Home Depot as well as those from my local corner store.

The only complaint that I do have is that the liner pretty much negates the buckets use as a container for anything other than your tools. If you’re weeding, for example, you’ll want another receptacle for those weeds you’ve pulled. But really, the organizer is so useful otherwise, I’m willing to let that go.

If you’d rather not use a bucket, a carpenter’s belt will work fine (though hold fewer tools) or a good gardening tote.

Finally, get fun and practical with storage by filling a terra-cotta pot with builder’s sand that you’ve dampened with mineral oil. As Real Simple points out, the combination of sand and oil will prevent the tools from rusting.

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  4. posted by Pat on

    I always go out into the garden with two empty 5-gallon containers: one for the stuff I want out of the garden, but which I can compost, and another for those things that I don’t want in the compost, like thicker branches, stones, and candy wrappers.

  5. posted by G. on

    I use a golf bag cart for my garden tools – it works great for carrying long handled tools as well as small hand tools and sunscreen/insect repellent/water bottle, etc.

    Now, about the sand/oil we’ve been hearing about for decades….NO! Dumping oil into sand (whether used motor oil or other oil) that means the oil can’t be recycled. So where does it end up? The landfill for hazardous materials collection, or too often, dumped out on the ground somewhere when people are too lazy or cheap for the landfill.

  6. posted by Ravi K Sharma on

    I have quite big lawn and I m find of flowers and shrubs. And I have grouted two 6ft. 4 by 4 at two appropriate places on my lawn and provided them with hooks at the top and hose hanger on one side. As soon as buy a my garden tool I drill a hole across the handle (of already not there)and thread it. So when I m in a particular part, I take tools off the hook and dangle them from thread in my fingers and I can carry all my required tools in my hand and bigger tool with my other hand. Handy solution!!

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