Simple tools to help you organize a laundry room

I recently added a basic table next to our washer and dryer and it has been tremendously useful. From holding clean clothes while I find a basket to letting those “lay flat to dry” sweaters do their thing, I’ve fallen in love with this simple addition to our laundry room. Since I started experiencing the benefits of this table, I’ve become obsessed with maxing out the laundry room’s efficiency and usefulness, and I want to share the best of what I’ve found with you.

A table or shelf

I should note that when I say laundry room, I really mean a corner of our basement. That proves an important point: you don’t need a dedicated room to have a functional laundry area. Likewise, a simple table or shelf will work wonders in this space, as I’ve described. Find something inexpensive and you’ll find a hundred and one uses for it. (Just don’t let it become a place for clutter to accumulate.)

Room-specific baskets

With four people living in our home, everyone is responsible for putting their own laundry away. A simple shelving unit with labeled laundry baskets solves the issue. Fold, sort and hand them off to the right person for putting away.

A place for pocket finds

We’ve got two kids and we’re often finding odd things in their pockets. These have a tendency to get piled up on top of the dryer, but all that does is clutter up the space. Instead of the entire top of the dryer, I brought in a small container just for these objects. Now I can put the bobby pins, coins, LEGO figures, and who knows what into a nice, portable bowl for redistribution.

Designated space for air dry items

Some items can’t go in the dryer. Those that must lay flat to dry can do so on the table or shelf. For the rest, an inexpensive garment rack can do the trick (and the one I linked to and is pictured above it features two bars for hanging clothes and is fully adjustable, which is great). Plus, if you get one on wheels, you can push it out of the way when you’re done.

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  1. posted by Pat on

    I am fortunate to have a big basement and I have a large table/counter with a shelf on the bottom. It holds three laundry baskets on the top and three on the bottom. It’s old – it was in our first home, which we bought in 1975, and I moved it to this house in 1987. It definitely is not beautiful, but I love it. Each day I empty the hamper and bring the laundry to the basement, then sort it into my six bins – rags, pants, cold water wash, dark, colors, whites. Makes it easy to see which load is most in need of washing.

  2. posted by David on

    Great aritcle, might give it a go sometime this month. Only if I find the time for it :/

  3. posted by Julia on

    My all time favorite laundry apparatus is my wooden clothes horse (or rack as you say in the US). I only dry towels and sheets in the dryer so my clothes horse is a working mule! Marvelous. My college son just bought one from a second hand store and told me in just two or three weeks he has saved $15 on his $1 investment by not having to pay to use the dryers. I have no clue why Americans are averse to hanging clothes out to dry. In Australia you still see the proverbial Hills Hoist in every backyard! Until I move back there my clothes horse will just have to do.

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