Make time to achieve your goals with Google Goals

Technology’s great promise of an easier life is realized with varying degrees of success — sometimes you find the perfect app that saves you time and other times you have a printer you’d like to toss out a window. Last week, Google released a new Calendar feature that focuses on a single aspect of achieving a new target or habit: finding the time to work toward your goal. And I’m glad to report that
Google Goals is quite helpful.

Google Goals works simply. Tell the Calendar app about a goal you’d like to achieve, and Goals looks at your appointments and schedules time for you to work toward it, based on your availability.

Right now, Goals is available on the Google Calendar app for iPhone and Android.

To add a new goal, open the app and tap the “+” in the lower right-hand corner. Three options appear: Event, Reminder, and Goal. Tap Goal and then:

Choose a goal

There are five categories: exercise, build a skill, friends and family, me time, and organize my life. Tap the one that likely fits your goal.

Define an activity

Tapping “organize my life” reveals four options: plan the day, clean, do chores, and a custom option, which can be anything you like.

Choose the frequency

How often do you want to work on this goal? Weekly, twice a week, or something else? Make your selection, and then determine how much time you plan to spend on that task.

Time of day

Lastly, pick your preferred time of day to work on your goal. Again, Google is going to do the specific scheduling for you, so make a general selection like morning, afternoon or evening. Once you’re done, review your choices and confirm the new task.

Google then looks at your calendar and all that you’ve got going on to find the best time for you to work on your goal. I’ve been using it for finding time for my daily walks with great success.

Again, note that Google Goals focuses on one aspect of achieving a goal: finding the time to work on it. The rest is up to you. For help with goal setting, check out our previous posts on realizing your goals.

5 Comments for “Make time to achieve your goals with Google Goals”

  1. posted by Sarah on

    I would NEVER trust Google with this sort of information about my personal life and goals. NEVER.

  2. posted by Carla on

    I don’t use Google Calendar for my work life. Is there a way to indicate off limits time without cluttering up my personal calendar with my work schedule?

  3. posted by Mary Johnson on

    I agree with Sarah. In addition to not wanting to trust where I am and what I am doing with Google and the Internet, if there is no Internet where you are when you are do for a reminder – you miss it.

    Before 2000 I was using a software program on my computer which did not work right with Win XP (could not close program) and I used Win Me as long as I could to keep using the program.

    I got Lotus Organizer with one of my computers – Nirvana! I have never seen another program of this type which has as many choices/is as easy to use. Then my husband had cataracts and could not use his Palm III and told me to use it and see if I liked it – it sync with the Lotus Organizer. I was sold on both – luckily by the time he could use the Palm again, he decided he did not need it, having gone 2 years without it. (Sure I kept his appointments at home and his secretary kept them at work.)

    He managed a few years later to wangle us Palm Centro cell phones – a cell phone and a Palm and it synced with Lotus Organizer – the best of life! Then came the “evil” Iphone and Androids and he needed one as he had to have access to email all the time for work and we had to split our cell plan. I wouldn’t let him as I did not want to lose my Centro.

    He actually went out and found a site which was selling new, discontinued Centros (from a company then already out of business), unlocked, and we bought me one and set it up on Straight Talk. I was happy again.

    He insisted I get a new computer – Win 7, problem with the Palm sync – he had to get me Win 7 Ultimate so he could make me a Win XP virtual machine so I could keep the Lotus Organizer.

    Then he decided, for some totally unknown reason as I would never use one, to try an earphone cord he found around the house with the new Centro. The phone no longer had any sound without the earphone and I cannot use one. He managed to get it working and what did he do – yes, he tried again – and could not get the phone to work again. MIsery.

    He then found out if I got one of the Blackberrys out at the time and he jerryrigged the sync software with the older Blackberry software, it would work with Lotus Organizer – well mostly. We could not get it to work with the “todos”, so I set it up so the few todos I have out side the house are either memo lists or appointments and in the house I carry my original Centro as a PDA and the Blackberry. Well, it works for me.

    Unfortunately Lotus Organizer is a dead program. The copy I have talks about having adjusted for the year 2000 problems and the copyright is 1999.

    He is pushing me toward the idea that someday I may have to upgrade to Win 10 (desktop runs the Win 7/Win XP and both laptops run Win XP) or my Blackberry may, well you know. We have been looking again at Calendar software and there is one which works with Win 10 and says it syncs with cell phones. This is a program (the name may be Any Time or something similar) not an app, although they may make same also. It seems to work similar to what I like about the Lotus Organizer.

    To give you an idea of why I like the Lotus Organizer – I can make appointments for any day – currently husband uses a calendar which if he lists something to do on the 31st, meaning the last day of the month – any month with less than 31 days, the appointment does not show up. He recharges our RV battery on the 28th of the month because of this. I can tell the program to make the appointment on the last day of the month – or the last day of the month or last day of every 4th month, 17th month etc.

  4. posted by Kate on

    I’ll have to check this out. Google Calendar used to have a feature that would send repeating SMS text reminders–one of the few alerts I pay attention to on my phone during a busy day–but disabled it with the launch of Keep, another app I really like for lists and one-off reminders, but not for repeating reminders like paying bills and habit-oriented goals.

  5. posted by Syaiful Anam on

    I just know if Google provides applications like this. Let us set our goal each. From jual kasur

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