Digital family organizing with Cozi

Recently, I was bemoaning the busy parent life: scouts, ballet, after-school clubs, friends, homework, and all the other things that make scheduling crazy. It’s so easy to make a mistake — forgetting an activity or to pick up a kid — when there’s so much going on. During this conversation, a colleague pointed me toward Cozi. It’s a digital family organizer with mobile apps that can be used for free (though there is a paid “Gold” version that I’ll discuss in a few paragraphs). I’ve only been using it for about a week, but it’s quite encouraging.

The main feature in Cozi is the calendar. You can set one up for each family member, all color-coded and tidy. It’s easy to see who has what happening and when. Additionally, each family member can update his or her own calendar and those appointments automatically show up for everyone else on that account. It will also import Google calendars.

There’s more than calendars in the app as well. A favorite feature of mine is the grocery list. I often get a text from my wife asking me to pick up this or that, which I’m always glad to do. Cozi makes this easy with a built-in shopping list feature that can be updated on the fly. For example, my wife can add a few things she’d like me to get on my way home from work on her phone, and the list is instantly updated on my phone. Pretty cool and nicer than a text.

There’s also a to-do list and a journal. I haven’t used the journal much yet, but the cross-platform to-dos are very nice. The paid Gold version costs $29.99 per year and unlocks a recipe box, birthday tracker, notifications about new events, shared contacts, and removes ads.

There are a few cons here, of course, and the biggest one is getting everyone in the family to agree to use Cozi and actually use it. Unless all family members are on board, it won’t be helpful. Also, and this is rather nit-picky, but it’s not very pretty. Function trumps form in this case, but it’s not awful when my tools to look nice, too.

It’s quite useful and free, and for those reasons I recommend checking it out.

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  1. posted by k on

    I have tried this and honestly just prefer Google calendar. I won’t pay the $30 and the ads are really annoying. I can just share my Google calendar with whoever needs to see it and I keep it color coded.

  2. posted by Patrick on

    I was going to go in the same direction. It was like pulling teeth just to get my wife to use Google Calendar. I love the grocery list idea but I don’t think I can get my wife to use it.

    Some needs to write a great blog post on how to get family members (especially non-tech nerds) to buy in to a new app. 🙂

  3. posted by Kelson on

    My wife and I use Cozi solely for the shared grocery list. We’ve tried some of the other features, but none of them have reached the must-use level.

    It works for the most part, though there are a few things that bug me: Editing an item is a pain (esp. since it breaks autocomplete), and sometimes it’ll stop responding while it loads an ad banner. We don’t use enough of the app to justify paying for the Gold service, but it’s not quite annoying enough to send me looking for an alternative yet.

  4. posted by Bridget on

    I Love Cozi. It is the only app I’ve ever paid to upgrade. It is my hands down favorite. (A close second is Pocket). My husband and I cannot live without Cozi!

  5. posted by Suzie on

    I’ve been using Cozi for over ten years. My kids were either not yet married or were newlyweds so they were pretty much raised on Cozi. It’s funny to me however that my daughter refuses to use it while both of my daughters-in-law have been convinced how great it is and use it to keep their blended families flowing smoothly.

  6. posted by Offir on

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  7. posted by netflix on

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  8. posted by usps tracking on

    Cozi is the amazing app ! I cannot live without Cozi T.T

  9. posted by Susan on

    I’ve been using Cozi for several years now and have convinced my husband to join me. We now can make appointments without consulting the other as Cozi color codes our appointments. We also use the list maker to keep ongoing wish lists for holidays.. I also pay for be Gold version to get the Recipe box which I love. Do agree it could look better but it works for us.

  10. posted by Tara on

    We love Cozi! One way we like to use the shopping feature is we create a separate list for each store, i.e. Target, Costco, Lowes, etc. Super organizes our family.

  11. posted by Wallpapers on

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