Unitasker Wednesday: Jello shot makers

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

In college, my over-age-21 friends and I may have thrown the occasional kegger. I’m not saying we did, but if we did, we would have also supplied our guests with Jello shots. Hypothetically, providing this burst of color, booze, sugar, and gelatin took a bit of planning and forethought, as the shots took awhile to solidify and required plastic cups, Jello, vodka, and quite a decent amount of refrigerator shelving to be made successfully.

One thing I could have learned from this experience (if we’d really thrown such parties) is that freezing Jello shots is a bad idea — there is water in a Jello shot and freezing forms crystals instead of the preferred smooth texture of a shot. It’s fine if the alcohol comes from the freezer, but the shot needs to set up in the refrigerator. Which is just one of many reasons the 4-piece Jello Shot Maker is a bad idea from the get-go:

Also, it’s only 4 pieces. Who would ever make just FOUR Jello shots? I find that implausible.

And so do the people at Jevo, who believe Jello shots are in such high demand that you need an Automated Jello Shot Maker:

It’s like a Keurig, but for Jello shots!

Unless you work in a dance club that regularly installs black lighting and provides glo-sticks for patrons, I’m not sure who the target market is for this device. But, I guess if you’re in college and have a spare $650 plus more for supplies, maybe this one is for you?? (Though, I doubt it.)

Honestly, my favorite thing about the Jevo device is that it’s WiFi enabled. Yes, WiFi enabled. That’s certainly one thing it has going for it that our simple stovetop-to-refrigerator Jello shot making method didn’t have. Hypothetically, of course.

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  1. posted by Kalieris on

    I suspect this means I need to reflect on my friend choices, but I have two people in my life who would buy and use this in a heartbeat. I have another who owns a jaeger shot machine, which has pride of place on his basement bar. I’m also wondering now if using a sno cone maker to generate wine slushies counts as multitasking.

  2. posted by Donna on

    Based on some printing on the box I think these are molds to make the frozen shot glass. In which case you couldn’t use them for jello shots, right?

  3. posted by MJ Ray on

    Yes, looks like a jelly mould for ice shot glasses to me, too. So add confusing packaging to its sins.

    Talking of sins: what’s with all the “hypothetical” bits? Is that just the usual unhealthy USA attitude to alcohol, or are jelly shots actually illegal in some states?

  4. posted by Kathy Jenkins on

    Thank you for rooting out these awesome products – not for their use but for the fun factor. I see at least one of them in my future for the White Elephant Holiday Party coming up!

  5. posted by Jon on

    @MJ Ray: Odds are there were underage (<21 in the States) folks at the hypothetical keggers

  6. posted by Debbie on

    I saw this hilarious video of Alton Brown slamming kitchen unitaskers, thought you guys might appreciate it:


  7. posted by MJ Ray on

    @Jon, oh I took the “over-age-21” at face value. That’s a silly age limit. It should be 5, like in England 😉

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