Unclutterer’s 2015 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Utilitarian Gifts

Do you like to get people gifts at the holidays that they can and will actually use? Don’t worry, we got you covered if this describes you. The following are utilitarian gift ideas that will satisfy even the most sensible gift giver.

Mophine Powerstation Reserve Micro. What could be better than the gift of more power for your portable device? Not much, especially when the source of that power fits on a keychain. This little guy has a hide-away USB cable that’s compatible with many devices and a LED indicator to let you know how much life it’s got left. Plus, as I said, it’s tiny enough to hang with your keys.

The Moleskine 2016 Planner. This notebook is the very picture of practicality. I’ve used one for years. Durable, sharp-looking and ready to take on the busiest schedule.

The Generic Mini Portable Bottle Cap Air Humidifier. Years ago I worked in an office with several computers running 24 hours a day. All the heat they put out resulted in very dry air and I’d often leave work with a sore throat. This little device would have worked wonders. For those times when you need a little water in the air but can’t set up a full-on humidifier, this portable bottle cap model is perfect. Simply put it on top of a bottle of water, flip the switch and breathe in that hydrating mist.

The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod. This is a fantastic, solid, reliable and inexpensive tripod that fits in a bag or even a pocket. It’ll hold your thin, light smartphone (consider a GLIF for using your phone with a tripod) as easily as a heavy DSLR with a lens. The rotating head allows for precise positioning with the push of a button. If someone in your life likes to take photos, this could be perfect and useful for him or her.

Hausbell CREE 7W Mini LED Flashlight. A portable flashlight is extremely handy, and the Hausbell CREE is the best I’ve found. Water resistant, lightweight, durable and amazingly bright for something that runs off of a single battery, it’s at home on a night stand, in the car’s glove box, a purse, or a pocket. It even ships with a rechargeable AA Li-ion battery plus a battery charger. I’ve tried may portable flashlights and this is by far my favorite.

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife. I’ve said this before and it’s true: it’s so very nice to have one of these on your keychain (as long as you’re not flying somewhere). From opening packages to being the person who has a pair of scissors when no one else does to removing tics to tightening a screw, a pocketknife is a fantastic companion. We here at Unclutterer like a tool that can do many things, and the classic Swiss Army knife more than fits that bill.

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