Get your keys under control with Key Smart

Every now and then I come across a product that’s so cool and so in line with an uncluttered and organized lifestyle, I think, “I can’t wait to share this with the Unclutterer readers!” Today, that product is the Key Smart. Starting at $38.98), this device is a tidy, effective way to neatly store all of your keys. It’s made of aircraft aluminum, looks great, and easily swaps keys in and out.

I’ve managed to trim the number of keys I carry around to two, but a few years ago I looked like an old-time jailer with my house keys, shed key, various work keys, and keys for the car all in one obnoxious, noisy, and inefficient key ring. Finding what I needed meant a minute of standing and fiddling.

Now, I look at the Key Smart and wish I had had it back then. To attach a key, simply remove the two screws, place your key inside and then replace the screws and aluminum cover. When assembled, the Key Smart looks and operates much like a pocket knife (which I also love). Fold out the key you want, open your lock, and then fold it back into place. The whole unit slips into a pocket without becoming a jangle-y mess.

The manufacturers even sell add-on accessories, like a USB flash drive (by the way, if you have extra USB flash drives, consider ideas for what to do with them) and a quick-release clip if you like to keep your keys on your hip.

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  1. posted by Acisse on

    Very Key Smart Device.

  2. posted by Bill Davis on

    Stay away from KeySmart.

    I thought it was cool too.

    But in the space of a few months, I’ve dropped mine and the device has broken and scattered my keys TWICE. It’s too flimsy for a drop from pocket height.

    They replaced it the first time, I haven’t asked for a replacement the second time; when I get around to it I’m going to ask for a refund instead.

    The “expansion” ability with screw-on posts to make it wider may be the reason the device is fragile; they are not solid posts since they screw together and so they snap too easily.

    I had expanded my basic KeySmart to hold about 10 keys on each side. This may have made it it weigh too much so that when I dropped it from pocked height, the posts snapped (at or near one side plate).

    But they sell packages of the extender posts to take the Keysmart up to about 50 keys as I recall; which is ridiculous; the thing would be too wide to use, and weight a ton too.

    They should sell titanium POSTS of varying lengths instead of the screw on hollow extender posts.

    If you want to keep using it, stick with at most 4-8 keys. Anything else is too large/heavy. Get a couple of units and sort your keys into “keys used a lot” and “keys not used much” units or something.

    But I’d avoid it altogether. I’ve never had a simple keyring worth a couple of cents snap and scatter my keys all over the ground. Keysmart has done it TWICE in only a couple of months. That’s just unacceptable!

    Oh, and the bottle opener add-on they sell is a piece of junk. I couldn’t get it to open a bottle. So is the quick release mini-caribiner; it realized my keysmart from my car key fob all the time in my pocket.

    And the KeySmarts start at less than $39; that’s the price for the titanium one, I think instead of the aircraft aluminum ones. I paid $18 I think for the starter model. But they really should make the whole thing out of steel or titanium especially the posts.

    There are many things similar to this on the DIY sites such as Instructables that use real screws and will be sturdier too. And much cheaper.

    Google for “keyring organizer” or “key ring organizer DIY”.

    Stay away from KeySmart thought!

  3. posted by Pat Reble on

    Having worked in a gaol, I have a different approach to keys – minimize! Get a locksmith round and get all your doors keyed with the same lock. There are padlock sets that all use the same key. I have reduced a big bunch of keys to just 4.
    Also, keep your car keys so they can be snapped off the main bunch, because the weight of a big key bunch damages the lock as they swing about.

  4. posted by Bob Builder on

    You can get similar ones for $5 on ebay

  5. posted by Mark Harrison on

    The keys I need to keep under control are car keys…

    … which have remote controls built into the “heads” (is that the right term?)

    Does this thing work well with such keys?


  6. posted by April on

    You can easily make your own using parts at a hardware store. Google “utility key holder” or “swiss army key holder” for tutorial videos.

  7. posted by Armanda on

    I use a similar product I bought through Groupon for less than half that cost for organizing store loyalty card keychain-size cards.

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