How to remain a disorganized mess

It’s Monday. We’re in a good mood, and we don’t know why. Instead of a heavy post to bog you down at the start of the week, we wanted to do something fun. Think of the following as an instructional manual for how to be overwhelmed by your clutter. Feel welcome to add to the list in our comments (and try not to take this too seriously, we’re just having some fun).

  • Aspire to unrealistic depictions of “organization” boards on Pinterest.
  • Walk through a model home and stress out about how much more clutter you have than the house where no one lives.
  • Understand that a stack of random school papers on the kitchen table is the end of the world.
  • Make a mental list of how you aren’t as “together” as [person X]. Review it daily.
  • Compare yourself to other parents/workers/neighbors.
  • Blow off the laundry for one day, toss up your hands and say, “Well that’s it, then.”
  • Realize that you’ll never be perfect, so there’s no use in trying.
  • Believe that an “organized person” = “good person.” The opposite is true, obviously.
  • Decide you have to be organized RIGHT NOW. It only takes 30 minutes on television shows!
  • Forget that organizing is a skill, attribute it to genetics.
  • Toss and turn in bed, mentally reviewing all the things you have to do tomorrow, and refuse to write any of those items down.
  • Stop inviting friends over because your house doesn’t look like a magazine.
  • Create a filing system based on a secret code you have to reference to be able to use.

(Today’s post inspired by Annie Mueller.)

9 Comments for “How to remain a disorganized mess”

  1. posted by Pat Reble on

    Decide to start tomorrow, never today …

  2. posted by Patricia Stevens on

    What a great post, I especially like the second to last comment I have to stop inviting people over to my home, it definitely does not look like it belongs in a magazine.

  3. posted by Kathy Jenkins on

    Great way to shift your view of your clutter. Sometimes looking at things from a different perspective is just the trick to make us take action and move forward. Thanks!

  4. posted by Sherry H on

    My favorite: All of Nature is random, why fight Nature?!

  5. posted by Cassie on

    What a wonderful post! And I’d add, ‘Subscribe to numerous e-newsletters on organizing, which you read faithfully for ideas to undertake someday. And oh yes, when overwhelmed by the mess, leave the area and drive to a nearby Container Store to browse through their aisles in search of that special item that will provide the Key to unlocking your mess. Then realize if it’s not there, it might be at (substitute a big-box store); proceed accordingly,’ I really enjoy your blog, you keep it real ;’).

  6. posted by Amy Garland on

    Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow!

  7. posted by Carla on

    Frustrate yourself reading “small apartment” organization blogs and magazines knowing that the places featured are about 1,000 sq feet larger than your space and has extra storage you can only dream of having.

  8. posted by Laura on

    Believe your home can only get organised using various storage solutions that involve making custom fit storage space, while you don’t
    1) have the time to make such things or
    2) the money to get material to make such things or
    3) the skills/knowhow to make it or
    4) the money to hire somebody who can make such solutions for you.

    Love this post by the way! Wonderful perspective.

  9. posted by Carol on

    watch another cat video before you start organizing

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