Unitasker Wednesday: LED Faucet Light

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I’m completely at a loss for words about this week’s unitasker selection. I just. I, um. Uhhhhhhh! Maybe you have words for it because I certainly don’t. The LED Faucet Light:

I guess, if I were to say anything it would be to say it only costs three dollars so at least you wouldn’t be wasting a lot of money if you bought it and turned your home faucets into their own Vegas nightclubs. But, seriously, when did tap water need to be lit by LEDs? When did lit water become a thing we as humans spend our mental energy developing, producing, and buying? Sigh.

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  1. posted by Derek Walsh on

    It’s a novelty item and probably a piece of crap, but it’s not really a unitasker. It doesn’t take up space and you don’t already have something that’s cheaper, more functional and does the job better.

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    Most novelty items are unitaskers. They lack utility, they don’t make someone’s life better, and they make me laugh. Pretty much the only qualification we use here on the site is “Does this ridiculous product make Erin laugh?” If the answer is yes, we consider posting it. Who doesn’t like to laugh?? 🙂

  3. posted by Robin on

    Exactly Derek. This isn’t really a unitasker. I could see getting it as a cool thing for your kids but even better would be one of the ones that changes color depending on the water temp instead of randomly.

  4. posted by Nana on

    Would be cute / amusing / whatever…except in time of drought. My concern would be that kids would be entranced and spend lots of time wasting water!

    OTOH, perhaps it would enable one to notice little drips more quickly.

  5. posted by joe on

    I’ve got one of these but in a shower head version. I like it! And it wasn’t a waste because I needed a new shower head anyway. Plus for an ultra relaxing shower, turn off the lights and you’ll be illuminated only by the shower head.

  6. posted by Jackie Pettus on

    It’s so you can see your ring better as it goes down the drain!

  7. posted by Andy Chow on

    I think these are pretty cool. Some show the water temperature by the color, going from blue for cold to red for hot, progressively. And they don’t need batteries, because the water flow generates the electricity.

  8. posted by Bryan Jackson on

    Someone needs to figure out a DIY hack on this thing to change the color from blue to red based on water temperature — then it would be more useful.

  9. posted by Wendy on

    If the novelty of colored water got kids to wash their hands, it would be three dollars well spent.

  10. posted by Carole on

    Personally, I think this might be good for an absent-minded hard of hearing relative who might forget to turn the faucet off because they can’t hear it and the light could be helpful to draw their attention to the fact that they hadn’t done it just yet. This isn’t useless, and like a lot of things labeled “unitaskers” you’re interrogating it from an able-bodied perspective. AS SEEN ON TV stuff for example makes a lot more sense when you consider that a large number of those products existed first and foremost for the disabled community. The snuggie for example looks like the pinnacle of laziness if you don’t consider that it makes much more sense as a blanket for people in wheelchairs.

  11. posted by Susan on

    Washing machines are unitaskers. They take up a lot of space and they only thing I know to use it for is washing clothes/linens. Not going to give it up though. The whole unitasker thing is way too subjective.
    After reading some of the other comments the LED water could be helpful for some and just plain enjoyable for others. As a kid I would have loved this and for $3 why not add a little fun to a kids bathroom.

  12. posted by JoDi on

    Awesome! Makes me wish I still had a kids at home. They would love this. No grandkids to enjoy it yet, but if it had better reviews, I would get one anyway for the fun factor when we have parties, and guests use the powder room.

  13. posted by MimiR on

    I would TOTALLY buy this if I dishes were washed by hand in the house and the kids were involved. LOL. They’d love it if they got it once a week or so and would be happier to wash dishes. Why not? $3? Worth it.

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