Organizing if money were no object

When my sisters and I were kids, we would sometimes play the Million Dollar Game. It amounted to little more than this: If you had a hundred million dollars, what would you do with it? Back then, the answers came fast and furious:

Ride a helicopter to school!
Live in a house made of gold!
Have a pet zebra!
Have a hundred pet zebras!

Today, let’s have a little fun and play the Million Dollar Game for Organizing, Productivity, and Uncluttering. If money were no object, the following are some of the over-the-top products I’d consider introducing to my life. Park your helicopter on your house of gold and pick out your favorite zebra, because it’s time to have a little fun.

My first selection would be the Cardok (see picture above). The Cardok enables underground parking on a residential level. Similar to public garages you see in big cities, the Cardok stores your car, out of sight and underground, when it’s not in use. As the website states, you may even maintain a lovely garden on the “roof” when the car is parked.

Or pretend you’re Batman. I’d pretend I’m Batman.

My next purchase would be a dedicated work building. I have a shed in my backyard, but it’s nothing like what Chuck Wendig refers to as his “…fully armed and operational writer’s shed.” Chuck and his wife converted a typical backyard shed into a stand-alone office, complete with electricity, heat/AC, furniture, and a beautiful paint job. It’s easy to keep your home office from spilling into your house when it’s in a separate building.

Now that I think about it, the shed is great but if money were really no object, I’d upgrade to an OfficePOD and add a cool, Mid-Century vibe.

Imagine the conversations you’d have at cocktail parties:
“Where do you work?”
“Next to the oak tree.”

After my OfficePOD, I’d have to install a jaw-dropping, luxury closet. I’m talking about a storage unit with the square-footage of a guest house. Overstuffed furniture to relax on as you decide what to wear, a “jewelry station,” perhaps a mannequin to try clothes on for you, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. I’d have drawers for each day of the week. “It’s Tuesday, let me get some Tuesday socks.” Add on one of those clothes catalog programs and install an iPad into the wall to run the app, and everyone in my family would be set.

Finally, I’d add a Moet Ice Impérial Summer Escape Trunk to my home.

When I was young, my family shared a double-house with my aunt and uncle. My uncle had, in his dining room, a modest bar, the front of which was covered with beer cans. As a young lad, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

No more.

This massive thing holds 20 bottles of champagne, 24 glasses, two ice buckets, and several compartments for garnishes. Plus, it’s on wheels so you can close it up and wheel it out of site when not in use. It’s no home bar made of Schlitz cans, but it is a tidy way to store massive amounts of champagne and barware. Which we all have in the Million Dollar Game, obviously.

This was a bit of fun, yes? What would you pick in the Million Dollar Game for Organizing, Productivity, and Uncluttering?

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  1. posted by . on

    If money were no issue at all, I guess it’d be easier for me to move things into and out of the household, because I wouldn’t need to think about losing money in the process of selling old things and I could always re-buy. I’d also spend fewer thoughts on letting non-personal things go.

    I’d also always want to reduce visual clutter by buying into product lines instead of having lots of items that are visually disparate. (I’m sure accidentally breaking a plate when the relevant tableware series has already been retired has happened to quite a few people.)

    Of course, those two things aren’t really environmentally friendly, but I’d totally want to do them.

  2. posted by Lisa on

    I would have hired help to deal with clutter issues for me! Of course, I’d provide them with all the latest and greatest tools to do so 🙂

  3. posted by Elizabeth on

    I’m currently in a small 2 bed flat with too much stuff. If money were no object I’d buy a good sized house – probably a bit of a doer-upper.

    Then have a properly designed kitchen with tons of storage cupboards, a pantry area and the most appropriate storage products (pull-out shelves, pull down shelves, lazy susans, wall racks, shelves etc etc) based on MY needs and the needs of the space available.

    Definitely a utility room. And a study to store desk, files, computer, printer/scanner, stationery, books…oh and more books. Yes, definitely walls lined with good quality bookshelves for all my (and my partner’s) books.

    By the way, whatever happened to the Workspace of the Week feature? Thinking about a study has reminded me how you used to do that and it doesn’t seem to have been about for a while.

  4. posted by Shanna Swendson on

    I want a dedicated library/reading room, with plenty of wall space for enough bookcases to hold all my books so I can keep them organized instead of scattered all over the place. It would have a window seat as well as a really cozy comfy chair or sofa next to a fireplace — reading spots for nice days and rainy days. I think this kind of room alone would take care of a dramatic percentage of my house clutter.

    I also like the room-sized closet idea. It would also be nice to have an onsite storage unit for seasonal or rarely used items, like holiday decorations, camping or travel supplies, sporting goods, etc. Then I’d have easy access for the times I need them, but they’d be out of the way of day-to-day life.

  5. posted by Sharon on

    I’d buy or build a house with rooms that accommodated all the specific activities and supplies that are now scattered around the house – crock pot in attic, books under my bed, etc – Which, of course, means having a real, honest-to-goodness library with comfortable reading chairs with good lights and tables and floor-to-ceiling bookcases and those cool sliding library stairs and hiring a librarian to catalog them and let me know immediately where the Issac Asimov short story I want to reread is. Ah, heaven..

  6. posted by Sharon on

    Hah! When I looked back after my writing my post I saw the other postings all dealing with books and places to read. I know, I know, e-books were supposed to take care of all that but I only use mine for travel. Hiya and I see ya! to all my fellow book lovers.

  7. posted by Leslie R. on

    Shanna, I think you and I are kindred spirits. A dedicated library/reading room is at the very top of my “if money were no object list” as well – up to and including comfy furniture by the fireplace and a window seat.

    I’d also like about five acres with lots of trees, and a small cottage dedicated for writing (probably a library and some cozy furniture there as well, and a little kitchenette for making writing snacks/beverages). A beautifully organized craft room with matching organizing cabinets, etc that aren’t made out of particle board. That might go in my cottage, too, although then my husband might never see me again. 🙂

  8. posted by Cari in North Texas on

    I would set up my spare room to be my cross stitching room. It would have a comfy chair and ottoman, a bright light (probably floor lamp since I’m dreaming), a table to hold my drink and my stitching supplies, a chest with many drawers to hold charts, supplies, etc, and a TV to watch while I’m stitching.

  9. posted by Bill on

    If money were no object I would get rid of everything and start anew. In my kitchen glasses and misc. utensils would easily be cut in half, pots & pans as well as the pantry, by a third. A coordinated wardrobe would be half of what I now have. All exercise equipment would be replaced with a heath club membership. A faster internet connection would replace old vinyl albums, CDs & DVDs. You get the picture.

    In fact this mental drill has given me impetus to make another uncluttering pass through the house, asking the simple question, “If I got rid of this would I replace it, and, if so, with what?”

  10. posted by SkiptheBS on

    Passive solar, insulated to the max, subterranean-source cooling, and a windmill for rainy weeks. Multifunctional furniture and a multifunctional root/canning/tornado cellar.

  11. posted by Talley_Sue_NYC on

    A mud room! I would have a mudroom. With hook, drawers, and a place to sit down. And a small sink. I live in an apartment, and a mudroom is the one things that makes me want a house.

    Instead I have a mudroom cabinet.

  12. posted by Mama Rachael on

    I’d build a new house, with all the built in cabinets, customized to the stuff I have and want to keep: camping equipment, crafting supplies, books. I’d plan my kitchen with exactly the storage I want and the style I want. Can you tell I think about this!

  13. posted by gambar rumah minimalis dua lantai on

    I think that’s good idea.

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