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As a person who writes online for a living, I’m constantly finding articles and other insights I want to read. I don’t, however, always have time to read what I find when I find it. So, I must save those articles and websites for later viewing.

Unfortunately, I’m really bad at it.

I’m a Mac user, and the Mac’s operating system will let you drag web addresses into the “Dock” at the bottom of the screen. The good news is that sites and pages saved this way are a click away once saved. The bad news is that if you’ve saved many (as I have), the result are a row of identical icons. The only way to determine where one is pointing is to mouse over it. It’s a cluttered mess. With this in mind, I went searching for alternatives and found the following.

Instapaper: This solution seems to have been made with me in mind. With a single click, I can save an article, site or page to the Instapaper service, which is accessible via a browser, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Kindle. I can leave notes on the articles I’ve saved and even read them when offline.

Historious: This is a searchable history of web pages you’ve marked. To get started, create an account and then drag the Historious bookmark to your browser bar. Then, when you’re on a site or page you want to read later, simply click the bookmark. When you want to find a page again, go to the Historious website and search for a term that was on that site, and it’ll find it for you.

Pinboard: Pinboard isn’t free at $11/year, but there are no ads and no frills. Just bookmark your favorite addresses and refer to them later. Since it works in a browser, it’s compatible with nearly anything you can throw at it. It will even sync with Instapaper if that’s something you want to use.

Ember: This Mac-only software lets you collect URLs but goes way beyond that. You can take snapshots of a web page, too, and annotate it. Everything you save to Ember can be gathered into collections, making it easy to organize by project, work vs. home, interests, what have you. It’s quite useful.

There you have several options for getting you web bookmarks organized. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have my reading and organizing work cut out for me.

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  1. posted by Chris on

    Nice article! also might be interesting for you.
    It focuses on organizing bookmarks and provides an excellent search.

  2. posted by Mama Rachael on

    I use and, so far, it works nice. Its free at the level I’m at. I know there are paid levels as well, but the free version is working very nicely for me.

  3. posted by Reinaldo on

    Agree with Mama Rachael, the free version is quite complete, and tags allow a quick access to specific information. I do recommend it too.

  4. posted by Kara on

    Diigo is another suggestion

  5. posted by Tom on

    I don’t like web services to know what I am reading, so I host it in my own cloud. For this I use wallabag ( It’s not as shiny as the tools above, but I love it. It’s quite similar with pocket, but you have full control over your bookmarks.

  6. posted by April on

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention Pocket since it’s so huge, and it syncs with tons of other apps/programs.

  7. posted by SC on

    1. Evernote works great too. You can clip either a bookmark, selection, simplified article, screenshot, or the whole page.

    2. Consider purging your bookmarks after a certain point in time. I used to use delicious, and bookmarked thousands of sites. I’d be surprised if I referred back to even a few dozen of them.

  8. posted by Sergio on

    I use symbaloo ( as general bookmark manager, but agree with Reinaldo, Mama Rachel and April: short term bookmarks are easily managed with Pocket, which is faster than Evernote.

  9. posted by liz on

    Since I use IE, I just use folders within the favorites. I can access the favorites bar if I am on my PC, the tablet or somewhere else and I log in to my user id.

    The key is to set up logical folders and subfolders, label correctly and clean periodically.

  10. posted by Jason Pittam on

    Collexio is a new content curation platform that we built to collect bookmarks, build video playlists, write mini blogs, create photo galleries, build visual resumes, add ingredients to recipes and so much more. Check it out here ➡

  11. posted by Sankar on

    Good article. I am Diigo and easy for me. Few years ago, I have maintained all my book marks in Delicious, Diigo search makes things easier now. I will try these tools as well. Thanks.

  12. posted by Barb on

    I’m with Liz. I set up numerous folders and subfolders in my favorites and when I create a bookmark I immediately save it in the correct folder.

  13. posted by Barb on

    p.s. Because my computer and iPhone are linked, I only have to do it once on either end and the bookmarks and folders show up in both places.

  14. posted by Daria on

    Thanks for the list. I use myWebRoom. Very easy and convenient to organize all there.

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