Unitasker Wednesday: Toasted Taco Fiesta

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

After seeing The Lego Movie, my five-year-old son became obsessed with eating tacos. To keep with the theme of the movie, we decided to establish Tuesday as taco night and have been putting this exact same dinner on the meal plan for the past year. (I’m all for variety, but it’s also nice to have a set meal once a week that I don’t have to exhaust mental energy on planning or making.) Some weeks we use store-bought tortillas and taco shells and other weeks I make them at home. And after a year of weekly tacos, I can assure you there is no point during the taco-making process where you need the Toasted Taco Fiesta:

The reason this small appliance doesn’t work is because it’s a regular toaster, not an oven or even a toaster oven. And, as you know, standard toasters heat things with their elements, which are only on the sides of whatever you’re toasting. They’re not on the bottom and they have no way to heat the interior of the shell. Ovens and toaster ovens fill completely with hot air and heat all parts of the tortilla evenly. All this taco shell toaster is good for is heating up the outside of store-bought taco shells because the device would never be able to cook the inside of a tortilla to make a good taco shell.

And, I think we can all agree, a taco shell with a doughy interior is quite inferior to one with a crispy interior.

If you’ve never made taco shells at home, the following videos can show you how truly easy it is to do with tools you probably already own (like a bowl, your hands, a pan, and an oven). In the second video, the guy cooks the taco shells in a toaster oven exactly how I make shells in my regular oven–5 minutes at 400ºF over two of the oven rack’s spindles. It’s so crazy simple and they taste so much better than store-bought shells. (For what it’s worth, though, you can heat store bought taco shells in your oven or toaster oven the exact same way, just shorten the time to a minute or two instead of the full five.)

(Also: You don’t really need the tortilla press in the first video, as you can use a rolling pin or even a cookbook. The tortilla press just speeds up the process if you do this regularly. I have one and I use it when making ravioli and dumpling wrappers, too.)

I sincerely am starting to wonder what people have against using appliances they already own, especially when what they already own does a more effective job.

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  1. posted by Barb on

    One word of caution-do NOT put the crispy, pre-made shells in a toaster oven without a pan. They have been usually been fried and the grease will drip on the element and start a fire. Please don’t ask how I know this. : )

  2. posted by mata on

    Exactly. In fact, I recently bought an Old El Paso “Taco Kit” for a quickie meal and there was a warning on the box not to heat the taco shells in a toaster oven.

  3. posted by Max on

    Thank you for these Unitasker posts! I have been guilty of browsing and in some cases purchasing a useless tool but I am not a hardcore clutterer; The only thing I have far too many of is knife sharpeners (but the Apex Edge Pro works beautifully) The one downside is that Amazon now thinks I am interested in seeing endless ads for strawberry slicers, avocado storage pods and, Oh Dear Lord, Egg Pillows!

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