Bookniture: A clever furniture solution for small-space living

We don’t often point out crowd-funded projects like those you find on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but when I saw the Bookniture project, I thought I must tell Unclutterer readers about this.

This product by designer Mike Mak is a clever, flexible, piece of furniture that folds away like a hardcover book when not in use. In fact, it even looks like a book when on a shelf or a table. To transform it into furniture, you simply open the “book” until the front and rear covers are touching, and then you lock them into place. It kind of reminds me of the old, folding turkey decoration my mom would put out for Thanksgiving.

The Bookniture video shows it being used in several settings, from a table to a chair to a standing desk support. I think it’s ingenious, portable, and definitely not a unitasker. As of this writing, the project has earned a little more than half of its funding goal with 36 days to go. You can learn more about the project on Bookniture’s Kickstarter page.

4 Comments for “Bookniture: A clever furniture solution for small-space living”

  1. posted by Diane on

    The furniture is very cool! I have to comment on the turkey, though. I have two of them, very close to, if not exactly, like those in the picture. Until I read your using the word “old” to describe them, I didn’t think how old they are. I bought them new, and I guess I have had them for about 24 or so years now! I guess that is pretty old for a decoration. I think my kids would miss them if I didn’t put them out.

  2. posted by Vicki Bradley on

    I love these!! With the tiny house move on the rise and people become minimalist, these are perfect.

  3. posted by Eric on

    Cool product, but $60 for a stool? No thanks. I got 4 barstools for $25 and two nice leather chairs for $30.

    Portability isn’t worth that for me.

  4. posted by PatGLex on

    I just sent the link for the Kickstarter to my supervisor — he uses a box for his keyboard when his back is bothering him, and since we work for a publisher, it seems like a nice thing to use! (And to store away when not in use….)

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