How to start organizing by setting yourself up for success

According to Statistics Brain, “Getting Organized” is the second most popular New Year’s resolution. If you’ve decided to be better organized in 2015, the following are tips that may help you accomplish your goal.

Check with your municipality to see what types of items they recycle. If your municipality offers special collection dates for pick up of large items, electronics, or household hazardous waste, mark these dates in your calendar. Also, schedule an hour or so the day prior to the special collection date to go through your home and collect all of the items designated for disposal. Place them at the curb or load them into your car to make disposal easy. Knowing when these special dates are makes uncluttering even easier.

Set up a disposal station (i.e. garbage and recycling bins) in the room that you are uncluttering. The work will go much faster if you do not have to walk through the house with each piece of rubbish. If your municipality requires you to separate paper from plastics and metals for recycling, set up two bins in the room, clearly labeling each one. The bins do not have to be fancy, a simple trash bag or a cardboard box will do. The important thing is making it easy to toss the trash.

As mentioned by fellow Unclutterer, Jeri Dansky, check local organizations to see what items they accept for donations. You can set up a central location in the house and have a separate bin for each group that accepts donations or you can set up one bin in each room for items that are destined for donations. Again, the bins do not have to be fancy, a cardboard box will do. The important thing is making it easy to clear the unwanted and unused objects from the room.

Set up a UFO (unidentified found objects) box to keep the items in one place until all family members have had a chance to confirm that the objects can be disposed or donated.

Start uncluttering the easy stuff first — the things you already know you wish to purge. You will see results immediately and it will provide positive encouragement to keep working away until the job is done. Two pasts Unclutterer posts, Things you probably have duplicates of that you can donate and Duplicates that you can donate or trash will help you identify the items easiest to unclutter.

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  1. posted by Jorge Navarro on

    It’s funny how over the years, we sum up the whole task of uncluttering and can easily get discouraged. Over the last year, in my efforts to make a drastic change in my life, it has been so easy. You need to organize your game plan first and that is what removes the hurdles. Great and simple article that gets straight to the point.

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