Organize wiry earbuds

When not in use, they’re unwieldy and messy. Even when tucked in a drawer, they tend to sprawl out and take over the whole thing. But, even though they create a mess, I still prefer to have them.

I’m talking about earbuds.

When you buy a new smartphone or digital music player, you often get a “free” pair. They don’t usually fit well, so you buy a cheap pair from the drug store or the mall. Perhaps you’re an audiophile, which means you likely ignore the default pair for something you really like. Next thing you know, all your earbuds’ cables are tangled and messy and all over the place and you’re longing for a clutter-free solution.

The starting point, of course, is to give away all your unused pairs. Some folks know they’ll never use the set that shipped with their new device. If that’s the case, don’t even unwrap them. Perhaps there is someone among your family or friends who would love to have them. Ebay and other online auction sites are an option, though you shouldn’t expect to get a lot for them. Freecycle is easy, too.

For the earbuds you choose to keep, having a cable organizer is a must. I recently received a Cord Taco from This Is Ground and I love it. This super-simple circle of leather and closes with a button (it’s pictured above). Once you’ve got the things wrapped up, you can pop them in a drawer or on a desk, tangle-free. They sell in packs of five on Amazon for less than $30. You can keep them all for yourself or keep one and give the rest as gifts to family and friends who could use them.

If you’re the DIY type, your options are many for earbud control. A good, old-fashioned ID clip works in a way that’s very similar. It’s not as pretty as a Cord Taco, but it does have the added benefit of a clip.

There are numerous other options you can buy from online retailers or your local electronics’ store if you’re keen on wrapping up your cables when you’re finished using them. Erin swears by her LG Bluetooth headset, which gets rid of the cable completely, but is significantly more expensive than most earbuds.

Of course, earbud cable management is an excellent opportunity to get tinnovative. The term tinnovations refers to the practice of repurposing or hacking an Altoids tin in a fun, useful way. It’s quite simple to rig up an earbud holder with a tin. You can even make a nice little speaker if you’re up to it.

Finally, lets say you don’t want to buy extra hardware or make something that will itself clutter up the joint. If that’s the case, check out this super clever way to wrap up earbud cords into a tidy package that’s sturdy yet just as easy to take apart. I like this technique.

There you have several ways to tidy up these insidious little things. Now get to it, and enjoy the look of your earbuds for a change.

7 Comments for “Organize wiry earbuds”

  1. posted by Ron Peters on

    $30 for 5? Uhmm, ever hear of the rubber band? You guys are getting a little product-crazy at times.

  2. posted by Jenny on

    I use mine in bed to listen to podcasts before falling asleep, and I tuck them under my pillow in the morning.

  3. posted by Carla on

    I use the technique to wrap them up on themselves. Takes basically no time, avoid tangles, costs nothing.

  4. posted by LeeAnn on

    Ponytail elastic bands

  5. posted by Mark on

    I’m with Carla on this one…wrap them up on themselves.

    Grab the earbuds, wrap around my fingers, and at the end, use 5-6″ or so of the plug end to neatly wrap around itself. Free, easy, always available!

  6. posted by MJ Ray on

    I favour a simpler way of tying up. Fold in half, then half again, then take the two ends and put in a simple twist as if you’re starting to tie a shoelace. Then hang it on a hook. Slightly fiddler than the pinterest one to untie, but much quicker to tie.

  7. posted by Becca on

    Jen jones from had a great idea for this. She uses the travel QTip cases for her ear buds. I like wrapping them around itself too but the case can be nice in a crowded bag:)

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