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  • Unitasker Wednesday: Guacamole bowl
    For many years, I’ve been unable to eat guacamole at home because I did not own this extremely specialized serving device just for guacamole.



  • Clutter can kill creativity and innovation
    Career expert and author Jonathan Fields shares his insights in a guest post on the connection between order and workplace productivity, creativity, and innovation.
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Rice Cube
    When using really good sushi rice, you don’t have to use a mat or seaweed. All you need are your hands to make the sushi into any shape you desire. If you want your sushi to look like something other than a circle, just mold it. A rabbit! An hourglass! A snake! A cube … which brings us to today’s unitasker, the Rice Cube



  • Reasons to unclutter
    The September 1 issue of Woman’s Day magazine provides 12 “surprising benefits of getting organized.”
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