Unitasker Wednesday: Snack Spout

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Do you like snacks? Do you like buying snacks in really large quantities from big box stores like Costco? Then, do you feel it is too much trouble to unscrew the lids on those snacks and scoop or pour those snacks into a bowl or onto a plate? Do you love to drop your snacks onto the floor as they fall from between your fingers? Do you love to get the bacteria off your hands onto your snacks and then eat the contaminated candy? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then we have a unitasker for you! The Snack Spout:

The Snack Spout wants to make eating junk food even easier … because apparently it was too hard to eat junk food before now! For people who buy snacks in bulk, they can attach the large container to this device and then use their hands to repeatedly access the snacks. The product description claims it’s more sanitary to use your hands to get the snacks from this device, but I personally think it’s more sanitary to use a scoop and bowl when eating snacks (and hey, look at that, science agrees with me).

Sure this thing is kind of cute, but thinking about the amount of bacteria on this dispenser also makes my tummy a little queasy. Blergh.

Thanks to reader DK for helping us find this unitasker.

8 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Snack Spout”

  1. posted by Monique in TX on

    What keeps it from being top-heavy and falling over when full?

  2. posted by Brian on

    I think this would be good for an office where everyone is sharing out of one container. Some people just don’t get the hint when there’s a spoon sitting in the jar. Monique is right about it getting top-heavy though.

  3. posted by Katie on

    I’m with Brian that some people just don’t get the concept of a scoop or spoon in the snacks. Also, at least if I used something like this, the only germs I would be getting are my own (whatever is on MY hands, vs. what’s on someone else’s hands) and it keeps the snacks from being exposed to the elements (like people’s coughs and sneezes) if snacks are kept in a bowl. I don’t think I’d buy it, but I also don’t think it’s without its merits.

  4. posted by Dean on

    Thanks for this post Erin. I’m one of the cofounders at Snack Spout. First, to answer Monique: with the large snack-nut jars found at Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart, it is designed to have a low center of gravity, the round base actually helps contribute to the stability. So the product does not fall over when full, even if tapped/nudged. Second, Brian and Katie are spot on when it comes to germs! Thanks again all!

  5. posted by Dean on

    Ha! Erin, just realized that you’re making fun of the product. Actually, the product is designed to accommodate over 100 different snack nut jars. Snack nuts are not junk food and are considered very healthy, in moderation. That is why the Snack Spout includes a portion plug that delivers just under 1oz of snack nuts. So while your post is in jest, staying germ-free and eating healthy is not.

  6. posted by Anna on

    Oh, very interesting—it dispenses the contents in measured portions. So it’s not a unitasker after all. Alternative uses:

    Ivory soap flakes
    baby powder
    dog food (for chihuahuas)
    kitten food
    sugar for iced tea
    or coffee
    flour for thickening the sauce
    Cheerios (just enough for the baby to play with and much on)

    You get the idea. Let’s have a real unitasker next time!

  7. posted by Anna on

    That’s munch, not much.

  8. posted by Bob on

    If you are that concerned about germs…
    Wash your hands!
    put a bowl under the dispenser
    the dispenser seems a lot more germ free than reaching your hand into the container to scoop nuts out with a spoon.
    and if you are going to dispense directly into your hands, keep your fingers together, those nuts are too expensive to drop on the floor.

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