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  • Unitasker Wednesday: Morninghead
    However you think this product might work, you’re wrong. And, based on its name, whatever you think the product might do, it isn’t that, either. Seriously, it is NOT that.
  • Free up computer disk space
    Tips for freeing up disk space on your computer’s hard drive.




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  1. posted by Willoughby Parks on

    I am a big fan and have read your book and subscribed since then. So I was very disappointed when I downloaded the suggestion given in Clear Up Disk Space to download CClean and now have something come up every time I open my computer telling me I have thousands of things to fix. I am afraid to use it since it looks like a scam (and it is not called CClean) that gives the computer a virus and costs about $100 to have it removed. Do you have any suggestions? Please don’t post things as recommendations that don’t work. I am 74 so not very computer savy so I shouldn’t have downloaded it.

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