Jay Austin’s Beautiful, Illegal Tiny House

Here’s a fascinating video about a tiny house community in the District of Columbia and the legal and zoning issues that the residents have faced.

There are some really inspiring living spaces featured in the video.

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  1. posted by Beverly on

    I’ve been following the Tiny House blog for quite some time. I’d love a tiny house, but zoning ordinances do not allow anything less than 1000 square feet. It’s almost enough to make me just buy a tiny old bungalow, gut it and remodel. I want a permanent home on a foundation not on a trailer. We need less governmental interference (zoning commissions) in our lives. “You can’t fight city hall” is true in my area. We’ve tried contesting property taxes to no avail for years!

  2. posted by Dede on

    Just another reason to love TX. Proof that if you stop telling people how to run every part of their life, they make the right choice more than 90% of the time. Yeah, what a shock. Thanks for sharing, because I think small houses are going to become more and more popular.

  3. posted by Heath on

    I admire people that are willing to go their own way. However, for the record, Houston does have a Planning Department; they do have some levels of land use control; local covenants are not always the be all-end all to prevent regulation.

    That said, as an urban planner, I find a lot of local regulation is way too overblown, and much of it comes from FEAR (false evidence appearing real). We tried to create a density free model for single occupant housing in Fairfax County and it was largely overrun by fears of the other. “The market will handle it” results in overcrowding and ghettoization here. Zoning enables some of it but much of it is cultural clashes. I suspect (without proof) that Houston has the same.

    Now if Houston were to tax property on the basis of the gravity model that would really be something.

  4. posted by PamR on

    What an interesting video. I had no idea. Really inspiring to see how people can make such a small place into a home. One comment did amuse me — when the narrator said that the tin houses were “unique.” Guess he has never been to India!

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