Unitasker Wednesday: The dunkr

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Back in 2011, we featured The dipr in one of our Unitasker columns. It’s a spoon made to only hold sandwich cookies when you dunk them in milk — to clarify, it’s only for cookies like Oreos and Hydroxes. It’s cute, but undoubtedly a unitasker.

Since its introduction into the sandwich-cookie-dipping market, a few problems have been discovered with the product. The most notable of these problems is that The dipr doesn’t work well with standard cups. The angle of the handle is too shallow, so the cookie rolls off The dipr when you go to dip your cookie in milk. Instead of doing the sensible thing and changing the angle of the handle to improve the product, the same company has introduced a specialty shallow cup to hold your milk! The dunkr:

Now, you can buy The dipr AND The dunkr! For $15! One cup. $15 for just one cup. Not two, not four, one. All to “fix” a bug with the original product.

Can you imagine if a car company “fixed” a failing brake problem by asking customers to buy special padding to wrap the car in instead of fixing the brakes? Or if a roofing company solved a leaking problem by telling its customers to buy buckets to catch dripping water?

This does nothing to help my faith in the manufacturing industry.

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  1. posted by Anna on

    My faith in the manufacturing industry remains intact — that is, my faith in its ability to capitalize on stacking product offers so that each product in the stack comes to seem essential to the American Way of Life (or, at least, the happiness of the consumer).

  2. posted by John on

    I never knew my fingers were so obsolete, or that I was eating so few Oreos.

  3. posted by Nana on

    I have a dear friend living in Copenhagen. She fell in love with Oreos while visiting here, so I always take her a package (or two) when visiting. However has she managed without this item!? I feel so remiss. I think I’ll buy a few and stockpile them for my next visit.

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