Unitasker Wednesday: Nutmeg Grinder

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I appreciate a little freshly ground nutmeg on things like chai lattes and roasted carrots. To use it, I grab my multi-tasking cheese grater that has a zesting plane on one of its sides, and I grind a bit of a nutmeg seed onto whatever it is I’m preparing. Fresh nutmeg seeds store almost indefinitely in a sealed container (I use a little glass jar), so as long as you keep them away from light, heat, and moisture, you don’t really need anything special to keep a few in your kitchen.

Noting how easy it is to have fresh nutmeg on hand, I have to admit to being confused by this device specifically made to grind nutmeg seeds — the Nutmeg Grinder:

First, this device is about the size of a travel coffee mug. It’s not small, like a salt or pepper shaker. For a single use device, it takes up a decent amount of space in your cupboards. Second, and this is my main beef with it, it’s not electric. The piece on the top folds out and you have to hand-crank the grinder. You use the same amount of effort as you do if you were to manipulate a nutmeg seed across a zesting plane. I thought initially that if you had arthritis or another hand complication that an electric grinder might be useful, but since this one requires hand strength and agility it doesn’t help anyone with those needs.

When outfitting a kitchen, it’s fine to consider single-use devices if they are extremely convenient and save you time and space and you regularly use them. But, even if you regularly use freshly ground nutmeg, this device won’t save you time or space and its purpose can be easily duplicated by a multi-purpose device.

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  1. posted by Carol on

    Now I want to get rid of my unitasking zester and invest in a better grater. I never realized cheese graters came with zesting planes. Thank you!

  2. posted by Robin on

    Huh, I must say I’m surprised at all the positive reviews. Not so much that this is an excellent nutmeg grinder but that so many people wanted one. For many of the reviewers, this is the third or fourth nutmeg grinder they’ve tried so they actually keep buying them. It’s never occurred to me to buy one since I just use my microplane which also grates chocolate, citrus zest, parmasian, garlic, and just about anything else I’ve needed finely grated.

    One of the commenters even said he doesn’t want to “accumulate any more stuff” BUT he loves this grinder.

    Very strange.

  3. posted by Pat Reble on

    I have a mini grater that fits in the jar that holds the nutmegs – everything together in one place, and the small grater doesn’t overshoot the mug.

  4. posted by Mark Harrison on

    I use my old fashioned spice grinder a fair bit, and it does things that a microplane can’t (like let me and my young children grind star anise without cutting up our fingers!)

    But the idea of a grinder that was just for nutmeg? Crikey!

  5. posted by Anna on

    Hand-cranking! Cool! Burn calories with each crank! Better than those big expensive exercise machines!

  6. posted by K on

    I have a hand-cranking grinder that stores the nuts in the attached jar. It’s very small and honestly it never occurred to me that it was a unitasker until now. I love it though-I’m lazy enough that if I had to get out nutmeg and a zester (and then clean and put away), I’d never add nutmeg to anything but eggnog once a year. As it happens nutmeg is great in casseroles and cheesy dishes and once I had a grinder I began using it regularly. Six years later I’m still happy with it.

  7. posted by Allie on

    I also have a hand-cranking grinder that stores nuts in the attached jar, and I use it almost every day – mostly to add nutmeg to my black tea or coffee. I discovered the beauty and deliciousness of freshly-ground nutmeg at Peet’s Coffee & Tea, and waited almost a year before buying one because I thought “Seriously? $35 for a freakin’ NUTMEG grinder?!?”.

    That was about five years ago. No regrets!

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