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  • Unitasker Wednesday: Boys Time-Out Chair
    1-2-3 Magic is a child discipline method that employs time outs for poor behavior. Per the method, the time-out is supposed to take place in the kid’s room if the discipline occurs at home. I guess some furniture designers don’t think an entire room is punishment enough, so they have invented a specific chair to put in a kid’s room just for time outs — the Boys Time-Out Chair.
  • Safe storage
    Being well organized also gives you the opportunity to be more safe in your home. Storing items securely and safely can help to prevent accidents.



  • Switching out seasonal clothing
    Before you pack away your winter coat and hat, take a few minutes and make sure you’re keeping clutter out of storage and also protecting your clothes so you won’t be unpacking clutter in the fall.
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Woozie
    If I’m to believe fancy music videos, people who party on yachts and tropical beaches can afford wine buckets and coolers to keep bottles chilly.


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