Friday inspiration and information

It’s Friday and I’m ready for the weekend. As a result, I’m putting the brainy content on hold until Monday and let you explore some links. Have a great and uncluttered weekend, everyone!

  • We’ve written about why-we-buy research before, but I found this article to be a good reminder for what propels us to buy more and more stuff. “Self-control, smells and spending” from the February 20 issue of the Chicago Tribune. (Thanks to Seattle-based professional organizer Denise Allan for the link.)
  • Psychology Today ran an interesting article last week on “Willpower and game theory” that I recommend reading. (Thanks to organizing coach Julie Gray for sharing this link with us.)
  • And now for the toot-our-own-horn segment of this list … last week I was featured in an article on The Huffington Post about how to better organize your mornings: “These Ridiculously Simple Morning Hacks Will Help Set You Up For The Day.” If you struggle with getting out of the house on time, the article contains some helpful hints for improvement.
  • We were featured in two articles in January’s issue of Family Circle that were converted to slideshows for their website: “Declutter Your Home in 31 Days” and “A Place for Everything: Easy Home Storage.” If you like Pinterest, these pieces might speak to you.
  • Finally, Unclutterer is feeling the love from Martha Stewart this month! (And, I assure you, we most definitely love her back.) Two pieces include us that are currently on newsstands in the April issue of Martha Stewart Living under the section “For the Love of Lightening Up.” It isn’t yet available online since you can still buy it. However, on April 15 had this tease of a blog post about the issue that included some of my advice from the magazine: “How To Clear Clutter and Get Organized.”

Have you read any interesting and/or inspiring uncluttering and organizing articles lately? If so, please feel welcome to share them in the comments.

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  1. posted by jann on

    unclutter.. everyone knows how many cords and cables are behind our computers and TV’s.
    coiled wraps are available at any computer store. my suggestion is to use the coiled cable from old land line phones. probably no cost as I have several in the basement (why I don’t know). I know that I like free or cheap and this one that fights the bill.

  2. posted by Tony W on

    Martha Stewart? NICE 😉

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