Unitasker Wednesday: Taco Truck

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Who among us doesn’t love a good play on words? I mean, word games are fun — especially when they go from being a cute spoken joke to being molded plastic you can buy to take up space in your kitchen! Thanks, Taco Truck, for going the distance:

Real thanks go to reader Miranda for sharing this unitasker with us.

8 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Taco Truck”

  1. posted by Leslie on

    This is perfect to go with my MiL’s salt and pepper shakers that wind up and roll across the table.

  2. posted by Cherilyn on

    If I could put veggies in the taco truck and that would get my kid to eat them, I would buy a fleet.

  3. posted by Becky (central oregon) on

    While I am not going to go out and buy that item…It gives me an idea and I am going digging in the grandkids box to find my own taco truck!

  4. posted by hehcathercheryl on

    If my boys were young again I would buy these…oh dear, sorry! These would be ideal for making food fun at lunch. They would have loved it!

  5. posted by AinOakPark on

    Hello? You need one per person or at least every other person if we are talking kids. So a family of four would need at least three and that is about $45 – for a “truck” that does not even roll (which would make it cool, or more cool, or a bit cool). Do they stack for easy storage? (just askin’) Why does food have to be fun? Tacos are naturally fun to eat because they make a mess. Then, do you eat them over a plate? That makes another thing to wash. Sheesh!

  6. posted by Laura on

    Not gonna argue that this is a unitasker. But this serves a purpose, however, I agree it’s big and bulky, and if you have multiple family members, it’s expensive. And if it sits on its own, it makes a mess when ingredients inevitably fall out of the taco when being eaten.

    I’ve had Taco Propers for years and they serve the purpose very well, and two of them fit nicely on a dinner plate.

  7. posted by Majella Zammit on

    Where and how do you buy the The Taco Truck from thank you

  8. posted by [email protected] on

    I actually kind of like that!

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