An improved Unclutterer experience on mobile devices

Over the past couple weeks you may have noticed some exciting changes to the Unclutterer site. Our tech team has been working diligently to bring you a new and improved experience, and we’re all very happy with the transformations.

The biggest change is how the site looks on mobile devices now. Or, rather, I should say the site now looks awesome on mobile devices. If you have a smartphone or tablet, be sure to check out our fancy new appearance. BlackBerry users are going to notice the greatest improvement — no more scrolling through categories to get to the content! Everyone else is going to love the single column of content instead of all three columns appearing. I love, Love, LOVE these changes.

The desktop version of our website also got a minor facelift. The search function is significantly easier to find and sharing articles is much more convenient. We’ve also increased the width of the content column so we can provide larger images.

On the technical side, we’ve upgraded the server. Most everyone should notice a slight improvement in access speed as a result.

If you discover any bugs, please contact us so we can try our best to fix it. We want everyone who comes to our site to have a wonderful experience. If you like the changes, please feel welcome to share your thoughts in the comments — our tech team did a fantastic job and we would love for them to hear it from you, too. Thank you, PJ and Dancing Mammoth, for the work you’ve done to make us better.

12 Comments for “An improved Unclutterer experience on mobile devices”

  1. posted by Deb Finnegan on

    I wanted to share this post to twitter. I clicked on the “t” with the number counter beside it but it doesn’t link to anything. Should this be a working link or am I doing this wrong?
    BTW your website is one of my absolute favorites! Thank you!

  2. posted by Deb Finnegan on

    Disregard my previous comment about the twitter button. It works now so apparently it was user error. Ugh 😉
    Still love the site!

  3. posted by Eileen on

    I read on my desktop so I don’t like the new format all the way across the page; I just make the box smaller, but don’t like the extra “work”.

  4. posted by Cheryl on

    Yep, you were right! Reading on a smartphone and it does look awesome. Nice work!

  5. posted by Ellen Symons on

    Thank you for including BlackBerry users in your changes. You’ve made it even easier for me to be a fan of your site!

  6. posted by Kathryn on

    Looks WAY better on my phone. Reads a lot more easily. Thanks.

  7. posted by April on

    Using the desktop version. Everything looks great! Keep up the good work.

  8. posted by Marie on

    Looks great on my laptop. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with my Blackberry. I get the message – “error rendering page.”

  9. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Marie — Which Blackberry are you using? We’d like to help solve the problem.

  10. posted by marie on

    @Erin – Blackberry Pearl 8130. Ancient, I know, but still works.

  11. posted by Erin Doland on

    @marie — I’ve shared this with the tech team and hopefully they can figure out what is happening. Thank you! Stay tuned.

  12. posted by Earthmother65 on

    Just discovered it again and it looks great!

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