Unitasker Wednesday: The Single Handed Barber

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I’ve been doing a little brainstorming and I’ve come up with a couple new taglines for this week’s featured product. My suggestions are: “when the Flowbee is too highfalutin for you” or “it’s a Roomba for your head — now with sharp blades!” Introducing The Single Handed Barber:

It’s a hair trimmer for the small portion of the population who wears a buzz cut, hates going to the barber for a $7 trim, only wants to use products that reference just one hand, and doesn’t already own a much more versatile Wahl Trimmer. Which, and I’m sure this can be backed up by science or math or that thing called statistics, is exactly four people.

A regular trimmer can be used for all different lengths of hair, your beard, your mustache, and on your dog. A regular trimmer also allows you to create multiple styles by having shorter hair on the back and sides of your head and longer hair on top. I’m going to guess that a regular trimmer will also last longer and have a better product warranty. Plus, you can use a regular trimmer with two hands if you want to and you won’t feel like you’re betraying an odd product name.

I’m so sad there isn’t an infomercial for The Single Handed Barber. I’d love to see the distress clips of men flubbing up their hair.

More Fun! Architect and industrial designer Katerina Kamprani of KK Studio in Greece has an incredibly fun gallery of totally useless items she has created called The Uncomfortable. Kamprani says she “decided to create and design for all the wrong reasons. Vindictive and nasty? Or a helpful study of everyday objects? The goal is to re-design useful objects making them uncomfortable but usable and maintain the semiotics of the original item.” Whatever the reason, the objects are quite entertaining. She even has a Facebook page you can like to keep up with her latest Uncomfortable additions.

4 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: The Single Handed Barber”

  1. posted by Erin Doland on

    An intense study of the product image on this post will also show you that the guy clearly used another trimming device beyond this one because 1. he has a perfectly shaped edge around his ear (need scissors to do that) and 2. he has no neck hair (have to use a razor or a trimmer set to zero to get that close a shave). I call shenanigans!

  2. posted by Cindy on

    This wouldn’t be as disturbing if the device didn’t look so much like my meat tenderizer (http://www.cooking.com/images/.....07547e.jpg) Eeesh!

  3. posted by Eric on

    Sad to see it has been around at half the price and the name is better.

  4. posted by Alice F. on

    I hate getting my hair cut. Spending an hour making small talk while having virtual strangers in my personal space … . If only someone would make a device like this for women with shoulder-length, layered hair … 😉

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