Unitasker Wednesday: Magic Wand Remote Control

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Abracadabra! Hocus pocus! Put on ESPN!

Because you don’t already have enough remotes to control your television, DVR, DVD player, cable box, and stereo receiver, the Magic Wand Remote Control is eager to clutter up your vast collection even more:

I have no doubts that this remote works. I have no doubts about it being fun. But I also have no doubts that it will be clutter in most every reader’s home.

It can only be programmed with 13 control codes, so it can’t act as a helpful universal remote and replace all of your other remotes. It can only replicate 13 actions of one remote (only your cable box or only your television set, not both). Also, you have to learn 13 magical wand wielding gestures to control your electronics because the wand doesn’t have any buttons — four or five gestures would be easy, but 13 seems like a hassle. If you have kids, the magic wand is likely to never be in the same room as the electronics it controls, and if you have pets, it’s likely to be a chew toy. It also requires that only people who are trained on it can be remote master, putting babysitters and house guests at a disadvantage.

Now, if this magic wand could do laundry and vacuum and load the dishwasher, I’d be its biggest fan. But, sadly, it’s just another remote requiring batteries that does something another remote you already own already does.

10 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Magic Wand Remote Control”

  1. posted by Deb on

    Won’t buy it, but WANT IT!!!

  2. posted by adora on

    This was on The Big Bang Theory last week. I didn’t think it actually exist!

  3. posted by Holly on

    I prefer my sonic screwdriver remote.

  4. posted by NoAlias on

    Available at ThinkGeek.com, the same site for all your sonic screwdriver needs.

    But really, while it IS a limited-use unitasking clutter item, there must be other items much more deserving of the honor. It’s a fun (expensive) gag for the Harry Potter obsessed fan and a novel way to control your tv.

  5. posted by Carol on

    That’s awesome. It’s exactly the sort of thing I’d love to see in someone’s else house because I won’t let it take up space in mine.

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Carol — Oh yes, it definitely falls into the “I’m glad it exists, but I don’t want to own it” category!

  7. posted by Donna on

    I would be afraid I would be forever waving it around saying “It’s Wingardium LeviOsa, not Wingardium LevioSA.”

  8. posted by Julia on

    Unitasker be damned, I LOVE IT!

    And since I live alone and watch tv alone, it will always be exactly where I want it to be. I can use it to channel surf, which will make channel surfing much more interesting.

    And I’ll be making up spells to go along with all 13 commands.

    I might even buy a few of them so I can take them apart and work on that 1-device only problem.

    When I’m done with it, it will control my tv, dvd player, cable box, space heater, and even start my car!

    Then I’ll have to find a remote control crock pot and coffee maker…

    ACCIO WAND REMOTE! ACCIO WAND REMOTE! (grrr, it’s not working)

    If I had kids, I would have this be MY control and the kids could use the normal one. Then when I want the tv off I just wave my magic wand. And take no offense at all when they call me a witch 😀

    (My kids are totally doomed to geek-dom, aren’t they).

    Thanks for posting this one, Erin!

  9. posted by Sara on

    I got one of these for Christmas. It works with both my television and Tivo although the motions can’t be duplicated between the two.

    Like Julia, I live alone and childless. I was threatening to get one to control my car! My brother (who bought me the wand) said “I created a monster, haven’t I.”

  10. posted by Anna on

    I thought from the photo that if reversed it would make a lovely glittery-topped walking stick–until I read the full description and learned that it is made of cheap plastic. Alas.

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